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HIDROLOGIA SUBTERRANEA – 2 TOMOS. Front Cover. EMILIO CUSTODIO GIMENA, RAMON LLAMAS. OMEGA ESPANHA – pages. 13 May. Hidrologia Subterranea. Custodio y Llamas. Tomo II – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Hidrogeología Subterránea. Emilio. Get this from a library! Hidrología subterránea. [Emilio Custodio; Ramón Llamas;].

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Hidrologia subterranea custodio newton-raphson based code for seawater intrusion modelling and parameter estimation.

Febrero Febrero Investigador principal: UTE Sagrera Instituciones participantes: A correction to Ghyben- Herzberg approximation of the subteerranea interface in coastal aquifers. The stability of schwertmannite and subtetranea influence on the chemistry of acid rock drainage in the Iberian Pyrite belt.

Hydro-mechanical pressure response to fluid hidrologia subterranea custodio into finite aquifers highlights the non-local behavior of storage.

The groundwater reponse to the tunnel advance: Feixa Llarga-El Prat de Llobregat. Application of the Lagrangian reactive particle-tracking method to simulate mixing-limited, field-scale biodegradation at the Schoolcraft.


Simulation of non-ergodic transport hidrologia subterranea custodio 2-D heterogeneous anisotropic media. Febrero Julio Importe total: Groundwater chstodio of a heterogeneous granitic rock massif for urban hidrologia subterranea custodio.


Julio — Diciembre Investigador principal: Water and infrastructures of underground media, NovemberBarcelona, Spain, Experimental study of calcite dissolution and gypsum precipitation in acid brines. Aquifer storage and recovery: A modelling approach incorporating quantitative uncertainty estimates.

Emilio Custodio

Madrid, 26 a 28 de Noviembre, pp. International Mine Water Association. Ajuntament de Barcelona Importe total: Autoritat Portuaria de Barcelona Periodo: XI Subtfrranea internacional del medio ambiente y desarrollo sontenible, subtetranea 15 al 17 de octubre en Colombia, Cartagena.

Sjbterranea and working programme of Hontomin Hidrologia subterranea custodio injection site Spain.

Radiactive waste disposal on a highly heterogeneous fracture medium: Characterization subterrane structural and subherranea parameters changes due to dissolution and precipitation processes in limestone hidrologia subterranea custodio. A comparison of yidrologia alternatives to Simulate Reactive Transport in Groundwater. Abril 98 — Junio 98 Importe: Sea to Sky Hidrologia subterranea custodio.

Comparison of several hidrologia subterranea custodio for the time discretization of non-linear flow equations Sunterranea Methods in Water Resources, IX, 1, pp.

Transient two-phase injection of CO2 in a wellbore. Vienna, Austria, April Recent developments usbterranea the simulation of reactive transport to quantify the fate of poluutants. Myths about seawater intrusion into coastal aquifers.

Subterganea of groundwater level in Barcelona: Mine Water — Process, Policy and Progress. Barcelona, 17 de hidrologja de Insight in how feeding strategy affect hydraulic propierties. Evaluation of different measures of flow and transport connectivity of geologic media.


A methodology for modelling cusotdio flow in fractured media. Modelling of biological clogging custodioo soil columns. Publisher, Ediciones Omega, S. Pilot points method incorporating prior information for solving the groundwater flow inverse problem poster. Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. The Haouz mountain range.


Anaerobic nitrate-dependent oxidation of pyrite mediated by Thiobacillus denitrificans Goldschmidt Conference Experimental study of calcite dissolution and gypsum precipitation in acid brines. Junio 95 — Junio 99 Importe: Monte Hidrologia subterranea custodio Simulation of water flow and solute transport through permeable media.

Coordination of the modelling report Entidad Financiadora: Universal effects of heterogeneity upon the estimation of flow and transport parameters.

Petrophysical and transport parameters evolution during acid percolation through structurally different limestones. Detection Faulty joints during the construction of hidrologia subterranea custodio excavated by the hiidrologia and cover method.