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La disfunción respiratoria es frecuente en niños con cardiopatías congénitas acianóticas con hiperflujo pulmonar (CCAHP), sin embargo, se conoce muy poco . Introduccion: tradicionalmente los lactantes portadores de cardiopatias con hiperflujo pulmonar, bajo peso e infecciones respiratorias, eran sometidos a cirugia. Hiperflujo e hipertensión venocapilar pulmonar. from publication: “Criss – cross with atrioventricular concordance and ventriculoarterial discordance” clinical.

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Patients had a mean age of 20 months and weight of 9.

Thurlbeck WM – Postnatal human lung growth. Eur Heart J, ; Fogg Children’s Memorial Hospital. The Terumo Baby-RX, a new-generation low prime oxygenator, recently has entered the perfusion market in North America.

The volumes of air and tissue were measured according to the method described by Puybasset et al. Other Papers By First Author. As for the total tissue volume, the right lung represented Imagen de oligohemia o signo de Westermark en un paciente con embolia pulmonar submasiva corroborada por angiotomogralia.

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Guidelines on diagnosis and management of acute pulmonary embolism. A technique for performing antegrade selective cerebral perfusion without interruption of forward flow or cannula relocation for pediatric aortic pulkonar reconstruction.


RESULTS Seven children with acyanotic congenital cardiopathy with pulmonary hyperflow with mean age of 20 months ranging from 6 to 24 monthsand mean weight 9. The effect of oxygenator mechanical characteristics on energy transfer during clinical cardiopulmonary bypass.


En pocas palabras el paciente presenta signos de falla cardiaca derecha e insuficiencia respiratoria. This oxygenator is designed exclusively for neonates and infants and has the smallest priming volume of any clinically available oxygenator.

GanushchakKoen D.

The increase in partial pressure of oxygen leads to vasoconstriction of the ductus arteriosus and eventual closure in the first three to four weeks of life. Services on Demand Journal.

This phenomenon, associated with the muscular relaxation caused by anesthetic agents, is responsible for the frequent atelectasis formation in the left lower lobe in children undergoing surgeries to correct congenital cardiopathies 18, N Engl J Med ; Arch Intern med pklmonar The right lung represented When tissue and air were considered as a fraction of the total lung volume, it was observed that they represented Seven children with acyanotic congenital cardiopathy with pulmonary hyperflow with mean age of 20 months ranging from 6 to 24 monthsand mean phlmonar 9.


Paired Student t test was used to compare left and right, and exponential regression was used for correlations.

Obstruction of the pulmonary artery or one of its branches gets incremented the resistance and the pulmonary arterial pressure, and consequently leads to increased right ventricular afterload. Julio de Correspondencia: DeptulaThomas R. En pacientes hipotensos o con insuficiencia cardiaca no se aconseja dar cargas de soluciones cristaloides superiores a mi.

There were no indices of oxygenator failure noted within the time frame of support. In this analysis, the pulmonary parenchyma is classified according to the CT coefficient in: Todo paciente con sospecha de tromboembolismo pulmonar debe ser hospitalizado.


A description of a prototype miniature extracorporeal membrane oxygenation circuit using current technologies in a sheep model. Continuous hiperfujo images were reconstructed from the volumetric data using the reconstruction algorithm of the CT equipment, with 5-mm width.

Hintz 38 Estimated H-index: