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“Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter” – Lloyd Kahn, Homework Hand Built Shelter Building on the enormous success of the original Shelter, Lloyd Kahn. Lloyd Kahn’s book, Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter, proves there’s no perspiration without inspiration when it comes to building a unique home. Home Work has ratings and 31 reviews. Trane said: Home Work is the followup to Shelter, Lloyd Kahn’s influential guide to alternative living and.

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Johnny mostly, but for two luscious days I had my hands in it and love the result.

Sunday, December 23, at Great for anyone interested ohmework hand built architecture. Particularly nice was the dining nook off the kitchen, the table made by local craftsmen and a very low ceiling, clearly evidenced in the photo below. The Hallig homes of northern Germany are built above sea level on artificial mounds of earth to withstand high tide.

The vision he locked onto in the s when he was the shelter editor of The Whole Earth Catalog and wrote his first book, Shelterhas stayed with him. Oct 11, Nathan Titus rated it liked it Shelves: Saturday, December 15, at 3: Trivia About Home Work: Such a pleasure to read.

I love building when it is small, mostly handcrafted and beautiful. Thanks for these photos. Lists with Homewori Book. In many ways, his books have become an informal social history of the counter culture.


Packed with 1, photos and illustrations of dwellings, domes, houses and huts from all points around the globe, this remarkable page book is about the eclectic materials used to make these homes homewkrk the eccentric dreamers and doers that built them. The interior of this earthbag home has a palpable handmade feeling thanks to the rounded, uneven “papercrete” wall plaster and natural wood cents. Many people, including myself, were influenced by his homewirk in the sustainable lifestyle movement.

Home Work tells the stories of buildings made by people who chose — sometimes out of necessity — to build homes for themselves using local and recycled materials rather than relying upon the standardized products of modern society. I can not recommend this or his first book “Shelter” enough, if you are interested in ever fashioning your own dwelling, whether through building or modifying it is an inspiration.

Lloyd has been to visit us numerous times in Canelo, but we had never been to visit him at home.

Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter by Lloyd Kahn

I love this book. Whether you want to learn how to grow and raise your own food, build your own root cellar, or create a green dream home, come out and learn everything you need to know — and then some! I wrote this piece basically to say thank you to Lloyd for years of inspiration, laughter and good work. Our work appears in two of them — Homework and Tiny Houses. And they are truly inspiring.


Inspiration for house designs in nontraditional forms. His company, Shelter Publications, publishes books that are filled with innovative, outside the box, small, inexpensive, natural, and moveable buildings. This is not, however, a book full of expensive designer architectural ‘solutions’ it’s safe to assume that Kahn abhors yuppiedom ; instead these are DIY projects that rely on personal sweat equity, ingenuity, and the ability to think small.

Saturday, December 15, at 8: You need to write Lloyd at Lloyd Kahn. He would be !

Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter

Elderberry, The Wise Elder of Plants. Of course, I can always glue it back on myself, but covers simply shouldn’t be falling off so soon after purchase. Published April 20th by Shelter Publications first published January 1st Elina Salvatierra Arruiz says: In essence, Lloyd is the champion of vernacular, homemade homes, the kind where architects and professional builders are not to be found.

Lloyd has been involved in publishing since the original Whole Earth Catalog for which he was the shelter editor.