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These show the strength of houses and not signs in general in day and night as the case may be.

These are, however, readily available these days in various ephemerides and one does not have to do cumbersome exercises in respect of basic requisites. Surya explains as to who are not entitled to take up the study of astrology. Gunakara and Varaha Mihira also hold a similar view. These have been described by sages like Markandeya. We can understand that planets with dignities like placement in exaltation sign, Moola Trikona sign, own sign, or friendly sign can deliver auspicious effects in their dasa periods; planets in debility or in enemy’s sign will in their dasa horw produce inauspicious effects, as can be known through the help of astrology.

Varaha Mihira, however, refers to the three branches of astrology as Hora Sastra, viz. The 3rd house is called Duschikya. Now described are the colours of the various’ signs commencing from Aries, as per Laghu Jataka Red, white, green, pale red or pinkyellowish white, variegated, non-white i. It has been said by Sastras, that will-power alters destiny.


All existing beings reflect any of the three qualities mentioned above. Why Raja Yoga computation should be different from that of planetary rays, life-span etc. Apart from this, Bhava means “eleven”, speaking of eleven Rudras or so many forms of Lord Siva.

Manu the original law-giver of the Hindus At that point of evaluation, watery and insect natures of these signs come into play, as shown in the ensuing verses. The concept of planets producing good and bad gora should not be rejected as the invisible good and bad deeds of the previous birth s are responsible for hor effects in the present birth.

Hora Ratnam Two Vols

Reference to Rahu and Ketu and solar and lunar eclipses could be found in ancient Hindu literature. These signs related to benefic or malefic planets accordingly denote strength or trouble, as the case may be, concerning the limb in question.

Regarding further use of directions ruled by planets, the one in strength in an angle denotes the direction of entry of delivery chambers. The distribution of exaltation, Moola Trikona, own signs etc.

Vasantaraja compiled a copious work on omens, known as Vasantaraja Sakunam.

Although men of ancient times had composed elaborate works, I specially write this work after a thoughtful consideration. A virgin seated in a boat with fire and corns in her hands is Virgo. Devi Dasa produced a wonderful commentary on Acharya Sripati’s Paddhati. Kalyana Varma suggests that the image of a sign, which is likely to inflict harm in terms of Bhava effects, should be made in its colour and be worshipped.


Names of The Signs: Ratanm Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are. Apparently, it is only an error copying in Hora Ratnam or a certain version of Saravali The method of calculation of Navathsa is explained below and the rulerships of Navamsa are shown in speculum These are clearly stated by Lord Surya thus: However, in assessing directional strength of a sign, the nature of a sign being centipede and footless is ignored.

To please such evil planets, worship of them with flowers due to their colours be resorted to; the worship should be of the planet ruling the direction indicative of upsets. After well understanding the effects through the science of astrology, the possible evils ohra be warded off by Japa recitation of passages from scriptures or saying prayerspreparatory rites etc.

Book Hora Ratnam 10 No OCR : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Apoklimas cadents 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th; 5th and 9th. As per Kalyana Varma: We usefully find in certain Tamil works that Rahu is Gnana Karaka significator of wisdom while Ketu is Moksha Karaka significator of final emancipation.

Mercury is second best in granting a position.