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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Foundation of Information Technology – HTML

Write HTML code to display ordered lists. CBSE09 Answer: The given HTML code produces a horizontal rule with size 5, aligning right on page and of width Write any two attributes used with this tag. So, the correct code is. An element that only has a starting tag and no ending tag is ………….

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Foundation of Information Technology – HTML – Learn CBSE

Which type of tags used by HTML? Write the expansions of the following tags used in HTML. HTML tags are a in uppercase b case sensitive c in lowercase d not case sensitive Answer: Can you change the style sujita numbers in an ordered list? Which option do you have while making bulleted lists?


How would you display text in the title bar of a browser? Normally, the ordered list begins with 1.

FOUNDATION OF IT-CLASS 10 – World Full of Questions

Write the extension of HTML code file. Empty elements HTML empty elements require just a starting tag and not an ending tag. Write any two options used with this tag. Multiple Choice Questions [1 Mark each]. This tag uses the options like src, alt etc.

This attribute is used to change the beginning value of an ordered list. Free PDF ebooks user’s guide, manuals, sheets about book ready for download Search Result for “book” List of ebooks and manuels about “book” Enter search terms.

How can anyone insert horizontal line in a Webpage?

Toggle navigation pdf book free download. The ………… tag is used to define basic font size for the HTML page.


Htm, the term HTML. Write a code to produce the following output. Which program do you need to write HTML code? List any two types of alignment that can be applied to a paragraph in HTML.


Also, write the correct code. Give examples of a container element in HTML. To display the text in italics, ………. What is the purpose of using start attribute used in lists?

Write HTML code to display various bullet types. Rewrite the correct code.

With the help of an example, explain how they are included in HTML code? The different forms of list are ordered list and unordered list. Container aroa HTML container elements require a starting as well as an ending tags.