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State of California. Becoming a Licensed Contractor Booklet · Forms and Applications · CSLB Processing Times · Guides and Publications · License. Information for applicants about California Contractor’s License pre-requisite and Use of a Live Scan machine involves placing individuals’ fingers on a glass . for Examination Form (available on CSLB’s website at California Contractors State Licensing Board Classifications: .gov/forms/ C—Swimming Pool Contractor A.

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This form must be completed ONLY if the qualifying individual indicates on the Certification of Work Experience form that they obtained experience working on their own property as an owner-builder. When a licensee has qualified for this certification, it is added to the license much like an additional classification.

Contractors License Needed?

A FULL file is required to obtain all license records. Only one officer or personnel title may be changed per form; each additional officer or personnel must use a separate form. When using an easy fill form or htt make sure you give yourself enough time to complete the entire form in one sitting.

This notice must be received at CSLB Headquarters within 90 days after the effective date of the disassociation. Allow about six-to-eight weeks for a response. Submission of this completed form to CSLB by a contractor meets that notification requirement. Advertising Complaint form PDF.

Contact the CSLB to see what convictions are an issue. This application will result in a new license. We will not use it to send you anything. Request for Disclosure of Contractor’s Waw Information Public Sales Custom Order Form Urban myths, half truths and misstatements by people who are not compliant with the law are what many people have come to believe is the law. Failure to obtain a building permit is a violation of California Contractors License Law. Note, sww is another issue not related to contractors licenses.


After you have checked the tclass information for a particular contractor and if the status information indicated a past or pending legal action, you can call CSLB’s legal action disclosure number nearest your construction location for further details. This can happen if you move without providing CSLB with a current mailing address for the license or if the U.

Google Answers: how do I get licensed and bonded in the swimming pool service business in ca.

You will need to continue to submit these certificates by mail. When ordering a renewal, you will be asked for the license number. Sprinkler repair, sod replacement, etc. Application to Reactivate Inactive Contractor’s License The holder of an inactive license is not entitled to practice as a contractor or submit a bid for work.

CSLB Forms and Applications

Request for Copies We asked about which type of license would be required to start a handyperson business. And up to three years of experience credit if you have graduated with degrees specific to your classification type c license.

Sections andReference: Sections and Business and Professions Code. This application www only be completed to add a new limited www to an existing limited partnership license. Please indicate if there are employees on the project.

Tell us what you think about the contractors license requirements Posted by OCDave on 1: In connection therewith, a landscape contractor prepares and grades plots and areas of land for the installation of any architectural, horticultural and decorative treatment or arrangement.

CSLB addresses violations of California Contractors License Law, whether the contractor is licensed or unlicensedfor up to fotms years from the date of the act. Also, representatives of contractors must be r egistered as Home Improvement Salespersons. View a sample “Application for Original Contractor License.


This form is required regardless of whether or not the licensee wants their existing sole owner or corporate license number reissued to the new corporation or LLC. You can either put this money up or go wdw a bonding company that charges you a fee. If you are party to a contract on an active project, please use the Complaint form above.

The more information and evidence including photosthe better. This form cannot be used to replace the qualifying individualto report officer or personnel title changesor to disassociate personnel from a license; use other appropriate forms for those purposes. Duplicate or Delinquent Renewal Application for Additional Classification 5.

Application for Asbestos Certification 7.

Contractors State License Board

You must file this written request within 20 days after the order is served. This is not a Political Website and we did not mean to imply that we either fully support the current law or are advocating changes in the law.

If you plan to work without employeesyou must request to be exempt from the workers hov insurance by filling out this form: This form is to be completed by the judgment creditor or the judgment creditor’s authorized representative seeking the suspension of a contractor’s license due to nonpayment of a final judgment.