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BY FRANCIS BARRETT, F.R.C.. Professor of Chemistry expence, the Author undertook to compose THE MAGUS, presuming that his labours herein will meet . Results 1 – 30 of starstarstarstarstar (). The magus or Celestial intelligencer being a: Francis Barrett . (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.). Seller Rating: 5-star rating. Results 1 – 30 of 31 starstarstarstarstar (21). The Magus or Celestial Intelligencer Being a: Francis Barrett (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.). Seller Rating: 5-star rating.

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Drew scored on a double hit by Dodgers’ Bill Mueller. Likewise nothing can come to our view wherein himself is not clearly apparent or present; for it is said, “the spirit of the Lord hath filled the whole globe of the earth: But if any letter of a name fall upon the line of figures, it is thus wrought: This bond works upon the spirits by an apprehensive virtue, under the account of love or hatred, inasmuch as the spirits are present with, or favour, or abhor any thing that is natural or against nature, as these things themselves love or hate one another.

So it falls out that some profit more in any science, or art, or office, in a less time and with little pains, when another takes much pains and studies hard, and all in vain; and although no science, art or virtue, is to be contemned, yet that you may live prosperously, carry on thy affairs happily, in the first place, know thy good genius, and his nature, and what good the celestial disposition promises thee, and God the distributer of all these, who distributes to each as he pleases, and follow the beginnings of these, profess these, be conversant in that virtue to which the most high distributer doth elevate and lead thee; who made Abraham excel in justice and clemency, Isaac with fear, Jacob with strength, Moses with meekness and miracles, Joshua in war, Phineas in zeal, David in religion and victory, Solomon in knowledge and fame, Peter in faith, John in charity, Jacob in devotion, Thomas in prudence, Magdalen in contemplation, Martha in officiousness.

You must know that angelical spirits, seeing they are of a pure intellect, and altogether incorporeal, are not marked with any marks or characters, or any other human signs; but we, not otherwise knowing their essence or quality, do, from their names, or works, or otherwise, devote and consecrate to them figures and marks, by which we cannot any way compel them to us, but by which we rise up to them, as not to be known by such characters and figures, and, first of all, we do set our senses, both inward and outward, upon them; then, by a certain admiration of our reason, we are induced to a religious veneration of them; and then are wrapt with our whole mind into an ecstatical adoration; and then with a wonderful belief, an undoubted hope, and quickening love, calling upon them in spirit and truth by true names and characters, do obtain from them that virtue or power which we desire.

Much of the material was actually collected by Barrett from older occult handbooks, as he hints in the preface:. EVERY magical virtue therefore stands in need of an excitement, by which a certain spiritual vapour is stirred up, by reason whereof the phantasy which profoundly sleeps is awakened, and there begins an action of the corporeal spirit, as a medium, which is that of Magnetism, and is excited by a fore-going touch.

Now these celestial characters do consist of lines and heads. Books Express via United States. Used – Acceptable, Usually ships within 4 – 5 business days, International shipment available. But we must know that common angles of the same star and sign are to be taken, unless entrance be made with a mixt name, as are the names of genii, and those of which it hath been spoken in the preceding chapter, which are made of the dispositions of the heavens, according to the harmony of divers stars.

IN our following Treatise of Magnetism we have collected and arranged in order some valuable and secret things out of the writings of that most learned chemist and philosopher Paracelsus, who was the ornament of Germany and the age he lived in. Three Sermons and Prayers: Shipping prices may be approximate. This book remains much sought after by modern readers for the important source material it provides, and it continues to be drawn on heavily for information on many areas of occult philosophy.


The second is, that the soul, in conceiving, generates a certain idea of the thing conceived; the which, as it before lay hid unknown, like fire in a flint, so by the stirring up of the phantasy there is produced a certain real idea, which is not a naked quality, but something like a substance, hanging in suspense between a kagus and a spirit, that is the soul. GlassFrogBooks via United States. I have seen and known some writing on virgin parchment the name and seal of some spirit in the hour of the moon, which afterwards he gave to be devoured by a water-frog, and had barrettt over some verse; mags frog being let go into the water, rains and showers presently followed.

Glassfrogbooks via United States. There are moreover some that do so extend those tables that they think also if there be an entrance made with the name of a star, or office, or any desired effect, a demon, whether good or bad, serving to that office or effect may be drawn out; upon the same account they that enter with the proper name of any person can extract the names of the genii under that star which shall appear to be over such a person as they shall, by his physiognomy, or by the passions and inclinations of his mind, and by his profession and fortune, know him to be either martial, or saturnine, or solary, or of the nature of any other star.

Ergodebooks via United States. The other theologians say, that no devil was created evil, but that they were driven and cast out of heaven from maguus orders of good angels, for their pride whose fall harrett only our and the Hebrew theologians, but also the Assyrians, Arabians, Egyptians, and Greeks, do confirm by their tenets.

The Secret of Secrets. In the eighth place are the accusers or inquisitors, whose prince is Astaroth, that is, a searcher out; in the Greek language he is called Diabolus, that is, an accuser or calumniator; which in the Revelation is called the “accuser of the brethren, accusing them night and day before the face of God. Now the name of the supreme barreth highest intelligence, which many suppose to be the soul of the world, is collected out of the four cardinal points of the figure of the world, after the manner already delivered; and by the opposite and contrary way is known the name of the great demon or evil spirit, upon the four cadent angles.

There is therefore a certain power of the witch in this action, which belongs not to Satan, and consequently Satan is not the principal efficient and executor of that murder; for otherwise if he were the executioner thereof, he would in nowise stand in need of the witch as his assistant; but he alone had soon taken the greatest part of men out of the way.

Diagrams, etc A facsimile reprint of the first edition of Barrett’s influential magical treatise. Please verify cost before checkout. But whether there be many keepers of a man, or one alone, theologians differ among themselves: The third bond is from the intellectual and divine world, which is perfected by religion; that is to say, when we swear by the sacraments, miracles, divine names, sacred seals, and other mysteries of religion; wherefore this bond is the highest of all and the Strongest, working upon the spirits by command and power; but this is to be observed, that as after the universal Providence mzgus is a particular one, and after the universal soul, particular souls; so, in the first place, we invocate by the superior bonds, and by the names and powers which rule the things, then by the inferior and the things themselves.

And we would caution you in this beginning, that every magical experiment flies from the public, seeking to be hid, is strengthened and confirmed by silence, but is destroyed by publication; never does any complete effect follow after: Because these tables serve for all names, as divine, so angelical, we shall therefore subjoin them to this chapter.

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Therefore in what virtue you think you can most easily be a proficient in, use diligence to attain to the height thereof, that you may excel in one, when in many you cannot, but in the rest endeavour to be as great a proficient as you can; but if thou shalt have the overseers of nature and religion agreeable, thou shalt find a double progress of thy nature and profession; but if they shall be disagreeing, follow the better, for thou shalt better perceive at some time a preserver of an excellent profession than of nativity.


An intelligence is an intelligible substance, free from all gross and putrifying mass of a body, immortal, insensible, assisting all, having influence over all; and the nature of all intelligences, spirits, and angels is the same. There is also the name Ja,??

For then the phantasy of the blood, being otherwise as yet drowsy and slow to action, being stirred up by the virtue of the magnetic unguent, and there finding the balsamic virtue of it, desires the quality induced into it, to be bestowed on itself throughout, and from thence by a spiritual magnetism to draw out all the strange tincture of the wound, which, seeing it cannot fitly enough effect by itself, it implores the aid of the moss, blood, fatand mummywhich are conjoined together into such a balsam, which not but by its own phantasy becomes also medicinal, magnetical, and is also a tractor of all the strange qualities out of the body, whose fresh blood, abounding with spirit, is carried unto it, whether it shall be that of a man or any other living creature.

I say, by a magical virtue, natural to the more outward man; that Saint Ambrose, although he was for distant in his body, yet was visibly present at the funeral solemnities of Saint Martin; yet was he spiritually present at those solemnities, in the visible spirit of the external man, and no otherwise: Rbmbooks via United States.

Il nome visualizzato deve essere lungo almeno 2 caratteri. Books Mela via United States. Therefore angels are said to bear the name of God, according to that which is written, “because my name is in him;” therefore that the names of good angels may be discerned from the names of bad, there is wont oftentimes to be added some name of Divine Omnipotence, as El, or On, or Jah, or Jod, and to be pronounced together with it: Therefore the spirit and will of the blood fetched out of the wound, having intruded itself into the ointment by the weapon being anointed therewith, do tend towards their treasure, that is, the rest of the blood as yet enjoying the life of the more inward man: Also truth itself doth not interpret the present text mystically, and also by an example adjoined, shews a local and real presence of the eagles with the dead carcass, so also that the spirit of the inward man is locally in the kingdom of God in us, which is God himself; and that the heart or spirit of the animal or outward sensitive man is locally about its treasure.

There is also another way wherein they take Almutel, which is the ruling and governing star over the aforesaid five places, and the projection is to be made from the degree of the ascendant; which is done by gathering together the letters falling upon Almutel, which being placed in order, according to their dignity, make the name of an angel.

In the evil spirits likewise you may proceed in the same way; francjs only that you make the numerations after a contrary and backward order, contrary to the succession of the alphabet, and contrary to the order of the columns that is to say ascending.

Come scrivere un’ottima recensione. But the Chaldeans proceed another way, for they take not the Almutez of the angles but the Almutez of the mafus house, and do all things as has been said.

Imitations of Modern Drawings; Artist: He, who is wholly the life, created all things and hath said, nothing is to be expected as dead out of his hand.

If batrett one doubts the truth of this narrative, however learned and profound he may think himself, let him call personally upon me, and I will give him such reference, and that truly respectable and franvis, as shall convince him of the fact. Wherefore they even call them Gods, by reason of a certain participation of the Divinity, for they are always full of God. Lucifer was associated with PrideSatan with Anger and so forth.