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So, be the change you want to see! When we organise an outing or special event all members give a small donation, usually RWF per person. Sponsorships – All of the money we raise goes to support small scale local projects.

AIC – About AIC

Africa International Club Rwanda encourages people from around the world and from all walks of life to engage with one another as friends, participate in local activities together and most importantly to help fund grass roots development projects in Rwanda. Our Activities Committee works hard to source a variety of different experiences for us.

None of our members are salaried, we have no paid or subsidised staff, but we have a lot of people with good hearts and huge generosity of spirit.


Making friends, supporting each other and working together for the greater good are our priorities.

About Africa International Club Rwanda

Fill in this online form and we will get in touch with you! Amazing work is being done and AIC is privaledged to be able to play a small part through the generosity of our own members and sponsors.

From September to June, each month, ifnofaxe come together over coffee, at social gatherings or outings and pool our collective resources and energy twice a year for two major fundraising events; the Food Fair and Christmas Bazaar, which are now something to watch out for in Kigali.

Outings – every month we go to surprising and interesting places. Our sponsors agree and we have many who share our desire to help others.

We pool transport and go as a group so there is no need to worry about having a car! Join AIC Rwanda today! We have everyone pitching in, working as a team to raise as much as we can for our small grants fund.


This is where you can find out all you ever wanted to know about living in Kigali! Contact Us General inquiries: The social evenings innfofaxe again a lovely way to meet new people and infofaxd some fun. In this way we get to know the people and the city in which we live, as well as the culture and have some real insights into what goes on here.

We are committed to helping the development initiatives of local people where they best see the need and within our means. Africa International Club Rwanda is a fun loving group of people from all over the world, whose shared experience of living in Rwanda brings them together.

The hard work is lightened by fun and laughter as well as the knowledge it is for a very worthy cause.