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Failed to load the PDF. Please continue with PDF download. Find: Previous. Next. Highlight all. Match case. Presentation Mode Open Print Download. Interaksionisme Simbolik Pekerja Seks Komersial di Karaoke Keluarga X2 Sidoarjo. Wahyu Ilawatus Z. Journal article Paradigma: Jurnal Online Mahasiswa S1. Skripsi it was a result of research about interaksionisme symbolic in the practice of rehabilitation at UPT social rehabilitation ANKN. This study describes an.

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Data analysis techniques in this study by reducing, presenting data and drawing conclusions. Night spots tend to be known to be more closed in the interaction process. Facial expressions and bookmarks. Some researches, especially in religious field, that were intwraksionisme using sociological perspective, in fact, did not interaksinisme any sense of sociological analysis at all, or at least, they usually limited their sociological analysis only on the function of religion in society by utilizing the perspective of functionalism.

The subjects of this study were selected using snow ball technique.

The interpretation by the rehabilitation of a little different with a counselor of the knowledge and mindset is minimal and result of the influence of drugs. The results of this study indicate that there is a symbol of verbal and non iteraksionisme communication.

Therefore this research is done to understand the interaction with verbal and non verbal symbols, and how mind and self in commercial sex worker in family karaoke X2 Sidoarjo. The rapidly growing industrial sector in Indonesia today is in the entertainment industry sector, one of which is the family karaoke business. This study describes an exchange of verbal an non verbals going on intetaksionisme the practice rehabilitation. More information and software credits.


This research uses qualitative approach.


While verbal and non verbal communication from the interaction of commercial sex workers with fellow commercial sex workers is used more towards competition in the world or the scope of their work. Full text simboljk available from this repository. Data collection techniques in the field conducted by interviews, observations and documentation.

The “Me” dimension tends to appear when they are in the work environment. View original from jurnalmahasiswa. The theory used in this research is interaksoonisme theory of symbolic interactionism of George Herbert Mead. Users 1 not found. Skripsi it was a result of research about interaksionisme symbolic in the practice of rehabilitation at UPT social rehabilitation ANKN.

By utilizing this perspective, many religious phenomena, especially their symbolic aspects and the picture of everyday life situation would be better explained because the basic premises of this perspective in viewing the simbopik of society are more humane and dynamic. This study using the method of a qualitative with symbolic interaction by George Herbert Mead.

Makna Bunga Bank: sebuah Kajian Interaksionisme Simbolik – CORE Reader

The “I” dimension tends to appear when they are interacting with their nearest person. By ineractions symbolic in the practice of rehabilitation through the verbal in the interakskonisme of oral language and language posts as well as a symbol of non verbal in the form of body movements.


After analysis with categorization the data and make a conclusion. View original from jurnalmahasiswa. Besides, this perspective offers an interesting methodology to understand religious phenomena through the adoption and diffusion of field methods, ethnography and qualitative sociology. Not infrequently found the phenomenon of sex workers who earn a fortune in nightspots such as family karaoke.

Applying sociological perspectives into an academic research is not as easy as we might think.

The purpose of this research is interaksilnisme how the role oh rehab as an total institution, wich both see the symbols of what is used in social interaction in the practice of rehabilitation and the third, and see how the symbols be interpreted in social interaction in the practice of rehabilitation. This gathering data in this study interxksionisme done by using observation and interviews. These objectives will be explained and analyzed using the theory of the total institution Erving Goffman, and the symbolic interaction George Herbert Mead.

Abstract Applying sociological perspectives into an academic research is not as easy as we might think. Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages.

This article interaksioniwme to intoduce an alternative perspective within sociology, namely symbolic interactionism and the way how this perspective can be applied broadly to explore religious phenomena.