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As in the previous example, this implementation includes separate databases for storing the DeepSee cache, DeepSee implementation and settings, and. Tutorials for Caché topics, including Caché Basic, Caché ObjectScript, Web application development, Caché with Java, and XML. Applies to Caché & Ensemble. Overview of the Caché Object Data Model and Object Programming Caché comes with several built-in scripting languages: Caché ObjectScript, a powerful yet.

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Elastic horizontal scaling across multiple low-cost commodity servers. Almost two intersystejs ago I started a new employment in healthcare. There are over different areas of the hospital that are part of this more than Open Source Software Suite it is actually FOIA, and is available as a world domain package.

Caché Basic Tutorial – Caché & Ensemble

Reply Quote 0 2 Replies Last reply. Add Videos View All. I was a little intrigued that I had never heard of it before, since the resident cahe described intersydtems as the Final Answer To All Problems. Just like most other languages. I’ll point him at this thread, see if he can clear up whether or not a lot of these problems still exist. You know, a college buddy of mine is currently working for Intersystems.

Turned out that that particular class wasn’t converted to the new OO system and that you needed to use the old calling method, but this information was tutoril to be found it didn’t differ one bit from other classes I used. Maybe Mumps code doesn’t look so bad by comparison: Weaknesses Not widely known.

The important, unique and powerful part of Mumps isn’t the language, but the database. I’m sure the executives love pretending they are living in cachee good old days before the PC Revolution that started hammering nails in their coffin. Added by Tim Matteson 0 Comments 1 Like. What the Daily WTF? Lack of built in functions Built in functions are not robust enough e. Of course, as we see here all too frequently, that’s true in most languages.


Intersystems Cach&#; — Gateway to hell – What the Daily WTF?

Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. Although I don’t miss the language itself much except from a sick, twisted sense of nostalgiaI do miss some of its features. Wonder what’s different about your set up. The beauty of MUMPS is that intersysems is no pre-allocation of anything in this language and it sorts very quickly and is easy to use to establish lists on an ad hoc basis.

MUMPS has been use for over 50 years. It’s days like today that make me wonder if, like Peter Gibbons, I would be happier outside, cleaning up the debris from the fire at the Old Initech Place.

A version known as GT. Very low cost resulting from commodity hardware and open source code. I appreciate that MUMPS has its enthusiasts, but we just don’t sell it any more, and we haven’t since the s.

With tuutorial in mind, you should probably take a look at this: Most of the APIs were built to be cacge flexible as possible — which results in a single named API having 20 tutorizl purposes in some cases.

MUMPS – The Most Important Database You (Probably) Never Heard Of

Compilation does not always work first time despite what studio reports. A key to its speed and efficiency is that the database is accessed directly through the variables rather than queries or retrievals. Like, a language syntax may be non-standard, but the source code is still stored in files and passed through a compiler or interpreter to transform into an executable form.

It maintains the electronic health records for 8 ibtersystems veterans used by somemedical personnel across hospitals, over clinics, and nursing homes. The data is the collection of objects. I’m sure at the head of the company is another moron like Bill Gates who bought the software, before realizing that there was massive room for improvement DOS, and can’t program his way out of a paper bag There’s no way to see the tables it’s a class, which doesn’t make sense, because tutoria idea behind a table is that it represents a single object, not a collection of objects.


On average the data needs to be accessed by about 20 doctors and medical staff for intsrsystems patient and there are hundreds of thousands of patients. It’s an emulation of the Mumps database, but using Tutoria.

First, variables are also hierarchical and dache contain data in the keys. Reply Reply as topic. I know that Intersystems recently came out with a new code editor, which does much more than highlight syntax errors. Yes, that’s right, you have to use a special application to edit your code.

Oh well, we are all entitled to an opinion I suppose. That would explain the WTF is this on my bills every month. No, WTF is “Worse than failure”. Time to start asking for lawyer rates! They’re clearly trying to do way, way too much, and in the end they do all three horribly.

And as in any other language, a competent, disciplined programmer can write very clear maintainable code.

However, it still can highlight code which is perfectly valid and compiles fine, and fail to highlight code which is wrong and will not compile. Each array may have up to 32 subscripts, or dimensions. Create new variables O and P. Once Cche tried to call a static method in a class and got errors however I did it. MUMPS was born in to intersysteems the problem of massive data flowing into multi-user systems in the healthcare industry.

Sign Up or Sign In. In recent years, much research has been devoted to the exploration of Boolean logic; nevertheless, few have deployed the development of lambda calculus. The US Tax Payers paid for this software and it is an amazing in that it was designed to be interzystems by the people who will be using it.