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Get this from a library! BDI-II: inventario de depresión de Beck-II: manual. [Aaron T Beck; Robert A Steer; Gregory K Brown]. BDI-II. Inventario de Depresion de Beck. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Paidos. Beck, A. T., & Steer, R. A. (). Internal consistencies of the original and revised. The first Spanish adaptation of the Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) was published in This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of its first.

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The BDI-II is one of the most commonly used measures of depression and has demonstrated strong psychometric properties in a variety of settings and populations. Remote access to EBSCO’s databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for ee, non-commercial use. The internal consistency of the overall scale was satisfactory, as were the Cronbach’s alpha coefficients in each subscale. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

This adaptation was becck with the translation currently available in the U. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

Participation in both studies was completely voluntary and there was no compensation. A review of validation data and clinical results.

CFA was performed with the remaining individuals in the combined sample and results for the different models are reported in Table 3. One inventaroi is that it provides important information for clinicians and researchers in Mexico who plan to use the BDI-II. Measures In addition to the BDI-II, participants in the student sample were given a demographic questionnaire, multidimensional coping styles questionnaire, a life stress checklist, and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale HADS as part of a separate study.

De igual modo, es posible que el valor resultante inventarrio signo negativo Bentler, ; Byrne, It is important to extend the research base to individuals in Mexico and individuals from the community to see if it is appropriate for use in Mexico and Mexican-origin Spanish-speakers in the U.


En su conjunto, estos resultados permiten estimar que el BDI-II es una escala que se puede utilizar satisfactoriamente en adolescentes chilenos. The study was approved by the institutional review board at UNAM. ve

Structural equation modeling with EQS 2nd ed. Por depresinn, en el estudio de Sanz, Navarro et al. This information is also important for clinicians and researchers in the U. Dentro de las alternativas propuestas destacan: Breaking ground, breaking through: The availability of appropriately translated and validated measurement instruments, such as the Beck Depression Inventory, is a priority for researchers and clinicians in the U.

Propiedades psicométricas del Inventario de Depresión de Beck II en pacientes con cáncer.

Undergraduates and hemodialysis patients, and the Spanish translation used Spanish samples. Net migration from Mexico falls to zero—and perhaps less. As such, the psychometric properties reported may bdi-oi be robust. Implicaciones para el uso con Hispano-hablantes de origen mexicano se discuten. The purpose of this study was to pilot a Mexican adaptation of the BDI-II and report initial psychometric characteristics.

These two studies specifically assessed reliability, factorial validity, and possible language effects with invenfario of bilingual individuals.

No difficulties were noted by the pilot group and this final BDI-II was used for all subsequent analyses. Interested individuals who were residents of Mexico inventaeio read an informed consent form and asked if they wanted to participate. For example, on gdi-ii 17 irritability the U. Norms and psychometric data were provided for undergraduates, community sample of Madrid, and a clinical population. Guilford Press; New York: Census Bureau [September 22, ]; Sheet P Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis.

Total scores did not have a statistically significant association with age. Item means, standard deviations, and item-total correlations are reported in Table 1.


Rendimiento diagnóstico y estructura factorial del Inventario de Depresión de Beck-II (BDI-II)

A factor analysis adjusting two factors yielded an instrument with 21 items, similar to the original ones. Components of depression and cross-measure communicability. Student participants were contacted as part of a larger psychological intervention depreskn tailored for medical students. Of which were women and male and had an average age Ultimately, future studies will want to extend research to clinical samples to see if ndi-ii measure works equally well with the many Spanish-speakers in immediate need of appropriate assessment and intervention.

This abstract may be abridged.

A health care evaluation instrument crosses the linguistic barrier. Method Samples The study consisted of two samples: April 1, to July 1, Future studies may focus on addressing these weaknesses as well as extending research to a clinical sample and publishing diagnostic accuracy statistics.

In the current study, a translation ve created using multiple translators who were familiar with mental health and popular terminology for depression in Mexico.

The authors reported a single factor solution using depfesin components analysis PCA for all three samples. EQS 6structural equationsprogram manual.

Formats and Editions of BDI-II : inventario de depresión de Beck-II : manual []

The two samples were combined because no large differences were observed between samples, and to increase power and reduce restriction of range from the education of the student sample. Support Center Support Center. Item Factor 1 Factor 2 1. Factor analysis and scale revision.