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Product Description. The Iomega StorCenter pxd Network Storage is a high performance business class desktop device, ideal for small-to medium-sized. The StorCenter pxd Network Storage Enclosure from Iomega is a network storage enclosure, perfect for use in small offices, workgroups, and home. Iomega StorCenter pxd Network Storage Server Class Series 4TB Part# 70BCNA by LenovoEMC. Description The Iomega StorCenter pxd.

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Even if there is a disk crash my data is safe and the performance does not suffer. The pxr model is a rack unit that supports up to four drives.

Iomega StorCenter pxd 4TB Network Storage, Server Class Series by LenovoEMC Part # 70BCNA

The setup was simple and connecting to my work place network was easy. The desktop apps ilmega so simple to use and even a first time NAS user like me was able to handle it without any issues. Powered by EMC storage px4-300r and with up to 12TB of storage capacity, including a diskless option, the StorCenter devices are better, faster and more reliable for your mission critical data. Overall, this is a recommended network storage device. Use one of the integrated 3rd party cloud-based storage services such as Amazon S3 or MozyConnect to replicate data from your pxd to your public cloud account.

Tintri releases TGC 4. Out of the box it is simple to setup and start serving files to your work group or home office. Business users will be happy with the vast functionality of the device. Empty bays are fitted with a drive carrier. Iomega StorCenter at Amazon. The enclosure is also compatible with today’s most common backup software applications. The highest measured power consumption from the PXd reached watts for a several seconds.


Another interesting aspect is that the apps for my iPhone was also available, using this I was able to access my NAS easily. Windows DFS organizes folders and files iomsga a network, such that they appear to be all in one directory tree on a single Iomega StorCenter system, even if the folders reside on many devices in many different locations. And, users can choose from three levels of security when sending data over a public network.

Powerful Backup Functionality Backup all the computers on your network simply by downloading and installing the available client backup software. Easily set up a shared workspace so that local and remote users can view and edit documents spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing documents, for example — especially useful for helping geographically dispersed workers collaborate. It can be connected to a UPS monitoring iometa, act as a print server of Axis IP security camera server, and supports rsync device-to-device data replication.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Alcielynn from Unlimited features If I had bought the StorCenter pxd network storage device it is because it promised remote access.

Unlike public and private cloud applications, Iomega’s Personal Cloud technology is completely self-owned — so the content and accessibility is always under your control.

StorCenter pxd Network Storage Enclosure is rated 4.

Feature-wise, the StorCenter PXd has everything a business or power user could want: Qualstar Px4-300f Tape Autoloader. NIC bonding for failover and load balancing including I wanted a USB drive as well and the px4 proved effective in this manner. The PXd and the pxd are desktop devices that support up to iomeva drives and six drives respectively.

The enclosure ships without any drives, allowing you to add your own. Rated 5 out of 5 by Timkarl from Data safe and performance great Professionally designed product that I use with my Windows and PS3 is what I use with my iPhone as well.

Keeping a backup iomegq of your data in an offsite location ensures availability in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Compatible with today’s most common backup software, web browsers, media devices, and computers.


Iomega StorCenter PXd Review | – Storage Reviews

I am planning to upgrade two more disks later. Though, the device can be run with partial disks as well. The speed px4-3000d fantastic, the aesthetics of the unit is attractive and the built in server features are truly excellent. The pxd simplifies a number of issues including photo sharing, all I had to do was to invite guests to join my personal cloud by sending invites.

Utilize two pxd devices in different locations and the Iomega Personal Cloud function to create your own disaster recovery scheme.

Built-in Iomega Cloud technology makes it possible to centralize, share and protect your data from anywhere. Server Class hard drives are used to ensure higher reliability and performance.

Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from Great support! Though a px4300d could serve a similar purpose, it would never be as efficient or have the very handy accompanying software.

I noticed the power consumption also was less helping me save on my electricity bills. Includes support for SCSI-3 persistent reservations. In addition, you can manage controls such as device restart from here.

Iomega StorCenter px4-300d Network Storage – NAS server – 8 TB Series

Login to rate or review this product. Automatically power on or turn off your Iomega StorCenter at a pre-selected iomwga schedule. You can create additional users and secure their content with password protection. Active Directory, SNMP and cloud integration that allow it to be used in a wide range of environments. Easily manage capacity by setting maximum limits per user.