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In this short tutorial we have seen how to invoke IronRuby methods from C# Comments on the topic are highly appreciated for the improvement of the topic. I wanted to have a little walk-through on getting IronRuby up and running. This tutorial may go a little slow, but I wanted to make sure that it is. Learning Ruby via IronRuby and C# Part 1. by Justin Etheredge on July 21, . This post was migrated from Justin’s personal blog, ” Views.

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Now it has gone so low that not even I want to write one.

NET framework with the dynamic nature and elegant idioms of the Ruby language. To refactor the style of the above example, I could place the following at the top of my Clock class:. Comments on the topic are highly appreciated for the improvement of the topic.

By the way, feel free to run this through ir first to see what actually happens. Download the latest version of Iron Ruby from Code Plex. My vote of 1 Selvin Oct 6: Subscribe to our newsletter? When you have the correct framework, we can move on and install IronRuby. Contains a few IronRuby samples and the IronRuby tutorial application.

Post this as a code snippet. My vote of 1 Oleg Shilo Oct I hope by now you can understand better how IronRuby interoperates with. You can never predict when a user is going to click a button, strike a key or perform any other kind of input, so the advent of the GUI is what neccessitated event-driven programming.


During the installation, you will be asked to select the features to install. Inside that window is a certain object called a “StackPanel”, which is a type of WPF control used to define how it’s child controls will flow in terms of layout. The last line i. However, when working with IronRuby, even I grow tired of typing System:: This pop-up will close itself in a few moments.

The ability to just provide a block of code as an event handler helps IronRuby towards a concept that is important to a good dynamic language; low ceremony — reducing the amount of boilerplate code. Another option to install IronRuby is manually.

Step by step guidance for calling a IronRuby Method from C# – CodeProject

Be aware, however, that this can be done only if you have administrative privileges. NET application development using IRuby is a breeze. It may help to have the WPF documentation handy when working through this example. The recommended method of installing IronRuby is by using the IronRuby installer. You’ll see that all that’s needed to assign a block of code to be triggered on an event is to provide that block to the method of the name of the event as it is known to the CLR.

Contains binaries, samples, and tools for embedding IronRuby in Silverlight.

You’re actually done now and can start using IronRuby. NET Framework responsible for rendering rich user interfaces and other media.

NET Framework stack used to create rich media and graphical interfaces. You can download the source code in a Zip format from http: Ok so you know how you emailed me and asked about what you could do better ironriby your articles, well As I said before. Let it be said that tutorail is by no means perfect, but I think it does the job of illustrating IronRuby’s interoperability with WPF using a familiar data visualisation.


Step by step guidance for calling a IronRuby Method from C#4.0

Join a community of oversenior developers. I think I have made clear how closely IronRuby integrates with. For example, itonruby wrote this article on Iron Python, without much of an explanation. Same goes for every machine on which you deploy your IronRuby applications.

Building a WPF Application in IronRuby

I’m not going to go into detail on how XAML is structured, but if you have any experience with XML-based languages you should have no problem understanding what’s happening. Neither original nor informative. You need to Register an InfoQ account or Login or login to post comments.

Download CallIronRubyFunction – 1. This drawback to this is that it only allows the delegation of one code block to each event. The features that will be presented are as follows:.

The folder you choose will be referenced as the IronRuby installation folder throughout this book. Related Resources Store Articles Blogs. Update Company name to: IronRuby can be downloaded as a zip package. This small article will demonstrate step by step as to how ironrubt can call IronRuby 1. My vote of 4 Rudra rafiq May 1: Is your profile up-to-date?