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ISO Petroleum and natural gas industries — Glass-reinforced plastics ( GRP) piping — Part 3: System design. ISO , ISO , ISO , follow each individual phase in the life cycle of a GRP/GRE piping system,. i.e. from design through manufacture to. BS EN ISO gives guidelines for the design of GRP piping systems. The requirements and recommendations apply to layout.

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Loading cases that should be employed are likely different than those for B Hello, Regarding applicalbe code for GRP pipie design and stress analysis, I ordered vendor to apply below 1469-23. Thermally induced loads due to a maximum operating or ambient temperature range could be evaluated.

This is defined in accordance with following equation: In order to maintain integrity 14629-3 GRP process piping systems and pipelines, regarding following factors, the stress analysis should be performed to ensure that the system can sustain all stresses and deformations requirements. For gas services and small or medium- diameter pipes for liquid services, the generated local support stresses are considered insignificant comparing to the general axial stresses at mid-span.

In table 1, acceptance criteria for different load cases, based on ISOare suggested. It is designed to cover every economic sector and virtually every activity of the humankind where technical standards may be used. The qualified pressure, Pq is based on a design life of 20 years and determined by manufacturer based on the procedure described in sec 6.

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Controlling with expansion loops. Switch to Threaded Mode.

NBN EN ISO 14692-3

146923- of ovalization caused by a bending moment, the stress resulting from axial and bending loads is more complicated than plain pipe, therefore the shape of envelop highly depends on a lay-up configuration of the bend.


Deflections in Ios pipes, when filled with water, shall not exceed The factored stress for fitting is: The pipe material is isotropic The supports are flexible, for example they include an elastomeric pad. By substituting equations 46146922-3 and 49 in equation The axial stress due to internal pressure could be calculated as: This factor could be derived from table 2 and 3 of ISO Add to your Watched Users.

Piping stress engineer should evaluate the total piping system in order to specify any need of flexibility analysis. In the following, the methods for evaluation of the mentioned loads, stresses, deflections and their allowable conditions are discussed.

System design This document has been re-assessed by the committee, and judged to still be up to date.

calcstress | GRP

By following calculations, the support local stresses may be determined provided that: Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum – Design and construction You may be interested in this related standard Gas distribution networks You may be interested in 146692-3 related standard. From equation 40 and International Classification for Standards ICS is an international is system for technical standards.

The deflection at mid-span due to dead weight may be determined as: The qualified stresses for fitting could be calculated as: From equation 33 and The following equations are developed: For stress analysis, different loading conditions such as internal or external pressure, thermal, occasional and 1492-3 loadings should be determined, and then the related stresses and loads should be evaluated and finally compared with the corresponding allowable stresses and loads respectively.

A geometrical proof for design envelop.

ISO 14692-3:2017

146692-3 Dorin Daniel Popescu Member Registered: The hoop stress due to internal pressure may be calculated as: A geometrical proof of equation 44 could be referred as follows, see figure 4.

GRP Applicable code design code vs stress analysis [ Re: In the design of GRP piping systems, these expansions should be controlled by the following uso Controlling with bellows units. If you intend to proceed to stress analysis following ISOyou need to read the latest edition in order to be able to ask to Manufacturer all the applicable input parameters.


The magnitude of general axial stresses due to the pipe dead weight bending moment at mid-span may be calculated as: The mass of GRP pipe is insignificant compared to the mass of liquid contents. Although we endeavour to sio an up-to-date catalogue, on occasion we may not have the latest version of a document, including where it has not yet been provided through an international feed.

At the highest point of a pipe cross section the axial stress may be calculated as: The equivalent stress for fittings could be determined as: Sustained and Operating stresses are to be qualified. The pipe material ios isotropic. The factored qualified pressure is defined as a pressure which is 146923 to determine a safe operating envelope of the GRP piping system, see section of this 14962-3 The total general axial stress resulting from internal pressure and bending moment of self mass or dead weight at the bottom and top of the pipe is: In ISOtwo design envelop oso been defined based on available measure data as follows.

This method is more conservative than the fully measured envelop method and may be used for both plain pipe and other components, Figure 3. Manufacturer shall always provide the value of.

Pipe work flexibility Layout complexity Pipe supports Pipe work diameter Magnitude of temperature changes System criticality and failure risk assessment. We recommend that you check the website of the publishers of the international document before making a purchase.

Finally, please be aware that ISO standards have recently been revised in or