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To learn about ISO and small bore connector standards, visit our website for ISO standard information and shop our products today. ISO is the newly published standard that replaces the ISO series of standards. The ‘Part 7’ standard is specifically for small-bore. intravasculaires ou hypodermiques. STANDARD. ISO. First edition. Reference number. ISO (E). Corrected version.

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Under guidance from the committee, functional testing will take place in the June-July timeframe. You may be interested in: The standard will not specifically include needleless connectors. A uso computer aided design CAD committee has been formed as a part of the process of developing the individual connector standards to analyze proposed standard connectors for possible connection to a luer, and also to connectors defined in parts 2 to 6.

What Is ISO 80369-6:2016?

What is ISO ? In a g newborn infant, enteral drugs are often prescribed isp volumes as small as 0. Where can one find additional and updated information? There will be some changes made to the table 803369 columns that define each connection. Use of these connectors for other applications increases risk that a hazardous misconnection could occur.

The familiar Luer connection will continue to be used and dedicated to intravascular and hypodermic applications ISOwith new connections developed for the other applications.

The FDA continues to provide good feedback and support, in addition to being a co-chair to the overall standards group.

Jso and 800369 in Chicago by Webitects. This was important to confirm that two connector sets would be appropriate to handle the majority of these connections. ISO Neuraxial Spine. It was the feeling of the standards committee that all three connections will be a part of the standard, and manufacturers may then choose which one they want to use in their products.

Development process ahead for limb cuff connectors Limb cuff inflation connectors will join air inflation administration to limb cuffs. Finally, the group defined most of the undefined dimensions by ranging the dimensions to those in the marketplace today.

What Is ISO ? – American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

The CAD committee offered options during the meeting session such as modified thread designs and revised specifications to mitigate these misconnections. However, since the color isl has not uncommonly been used to indicate a neuraxial route, it appears that some manufacturers may incorporate yellow into NRFit compatible equipment.


The new standards are intended to eliminate the possibility of isso between Luer and NRFit systems. The task group is planning to address these through risk management. It is possible that a standard for this market will be significantly delayed, as it is considered less risk for harm in misconnection, than other markets.

The Draft International Standard is currently out for vote to get a consensus on the U. May, Update The joint working group, and four of the standards committees met in Washington DC during the week of Mayto make progress on defining the connector standards for each market specific segment. Discussions also addressed allowing softer materials in sealing surfaces and issues about allowing proprietary connectors to claim compliance to The expert in this webinar will outline the key things you need to know about ISO standards.

A few minor changes will be made. The test methods applicable to each connector are specified in the respective part of the ISO series. The group also decided that PG 7 must thoroughly define all undefined dimensions of luer connectors in order for the other groups to avoid possible misconnections when finalizing their own designs. Qosina is actively following ISO updates and will be adding compliant components to its extensive line as the standards evolve.

It is expected that all existing ISO connectors will meet the requirements of ISO byand that when testing or validation occurs, it is made using the requirements of ISO Small-bore connections defined as having an inner diameter less than 8. The second edition of ISO has been submitted to replace the first edition and will be up for vote.


Urinary and Urethral No specific updates at this time. These healthcare fields include, but are not limited to: Allowing softer materials in sealing surfaces Allowing proprietary connectors to claim compliance to ISO Initially, all the standards members met as a join group to discuss 803669 that should be discussed in a group setting.

General Requirements The current version is already released and available to the general public.


ISO General Requirements and Overview ISO specifies general requirements for small-bore connectors, which convey liquids or gases in healthcare applications. It also specifies the healthcare fields in which these small-bore connectors are intended to be used. That a task group be established to provide the identified critical dimensions to develop a single CAD analysis and establish a document control structure and ensure consistency in tables and figures between each connector specification.

General Requirements Part 1 includes general requirements for small bore connectors conveying liquids or gases as a whole for the standard, including specifications around application for use. Feeding source – whether this is a bag or a bottle, the tubing connection at the feeding source must be unique and may not mate with a luer; Patient connection – the connection from tubing to patient must be unique and may not mate with a luer; Three unique connectors were proposed for the connection at the Feeding source.

During the development of the ISO series it became evident that many of the test methods were very similar for each of the applications.

Final text received or FDIS registered for formal approval. Further discussion and evaluation will be necessary to confirm that these connectors is not mate with luers or other connector sets proposed in jso committees. The group will consider the needs and parameters of the usability testing. The document is broken down into the following sections: Intravascular or Hypodermic This standard is intended to replace ISO and -2 by adding further detail to the current standard where some dimensions are not adequately defined.

This standard is truly a worldwide document with representation by consultants and manufacturers in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and South America.

Small-bore connectors for liquids and gases in healthcare applications” Title of ISO Next steps are to review functional testing results and update documentation for an FDIS.

But mix-ups with connectors that mean the wrong product is delivered can have catastrophic consequences. Contact us to schedule ido appointment with our knowledgeable staff.