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ISO is a multi-part standard from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO ; ISO ; ISO ; ISO ; ISO ; ISO ; ISO ; ISO Abstract. The ISO standard for computer pointing devices proposes an evaluation of performance and comfort [4]. This paper is the first eye tracking. INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. ISO. First edition. Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs) —. Part 9.

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With its introduction init revised ISOHuman-centred design for interactive systems. It measures responses on a 7-point interval scale and can be used for within-group or between-group comparison. Two methods are described, where simple ratings scales are used.

Finally, the standard includes four informative annexes that cover: The guideline is of relevance after scope and feasibility are analysed and the decision for building a certain system has been made. For choosing the right input devices the norm ISO No special technical requirements are necessary for applying the norm.

ISOErgonomics of human-system interaction, provides guidance on human-system interaction throughout the life cycle of interactive systems. Retrieved 22 July The tests described are: It describes methods for selecting a device or a combination of devices for the task at hand. The standard covers such devices as the mouse, trackball and other pointing devices, but it does not address voice input. Izo recommendations cover command language structure and syntax, command representations, input and output considerations, and feedback and help.


This part of ISO applies to several types of non-keyboard input devices including mice, pucks, joysticks, trackballs, tablets and overlays, 92441-9 screens, styli and light pens. From the information available it offers basically the same tests and questionnaires, including testing of efficiency and effectiveness, assessment of comfort, and usability test for keyboards. Several different types of tests may be used, depending on the task to be performed with a pointing device.

Between-device comparisons are possible with the ISO standards because the methodology is consistent from one study to the next and thus, performance 924-19 be compared to a baseline, such as a traditional optical mouse.

The norm comprises of several chapters, including: Some premium branded finished product manufacturers have started to specify their products as Class 0 or offer a Class 0 guarantee for an additional premium. This part of ISO applies to several types on non-keyboard input devices designed for stationary use. Ido Learn how and when to remove this template message.

It covers those aspects of Graphical User Interfaces that are directly manipulated, and not covered by other parts of ISO It specifies methods for determining conformance through observation, performance and by measuring the physical attributes of the various devices. It applies to such devices as the mouse, trackball and other pointing devices, but it does not address voice input.


The device assessment questionnaire can be applied to assess a single input device or in a comparative manner when several input devices are under investigation. The Annex provides clear descriptions of the several tests and questionnaires.

ISO 9241 Part 9: Requirements for non-keyboard input devices

Evaluation methods for the design of physical input devices, which costs CHF approx. Fundamental aspects are regulated in standards ending with one zero.

9241–9 The standard covers such devices as the mouse, trackball and other pointing devices, but it does not address voice input. As part of this change, ISO is renumbering some parts of the standard so that it can cover more topics, e. Part 2 addresses task design for working with computer systems.

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Built by undpaul Drupal development. Usability ease of use, efficiency, effectiveness Ease of use: The standard also includes a bibliography with over references.

Other expertise needed required user qualification: This standard provides guidance on the design of these devices so that the limitations capabilities of users, which are working in a typical office environment, are considered.