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John Naka is well known throughout the Bonsai community across the globe. His books and writings reveals knowledge from basic to advance for enthusiast to. More by John Yoshio Naka. Bonsai Techniques One. John Yoshio Naka. Bonsai Techniques II. John Yoshio Naka. Top of Page. My Account · Billing · Shipping. The Bonsai Clubs International’s BONSAI MAGAZINE; September-October ; Volume 42, Number 5 honored America’s premier master bonsai teacher John.

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InGoshin was displayed at the Philadelphia Flower Show where it was viewed by nearlypeople. Photograph by Mike Page. He returned to the United States near Boulder, Colorado in ; eventually settling in Los Nqka, California with his wife Alice and their three sons in On November 24, Mr.

This page was last edited on 7 Juneat A drawing of Mike Page’s California Juniper done at a workshop.

The Art of Bonsai Project – Feature Gallery: A Tribute to John Yoshio Naka

A very few of his many accomplishments are the following: Retrieved from ” https: It is a forest planting of eleven Foemina junipers Juniperus chinensisthe earliest of which Naka yoshoo training into bonsai in He set the highest standards of unselfish sharing and the pure love of bonsai for all who yoshlo.

Other quotes of his included “Bonsai is not the result: These books would later be translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish. Next to John’s bonsai, his drawings and sketches speak the loudest of his obvious talent and his great love of trees.

John gave Patrick permission to use his image and the print was copyrighted. This forest is truly inspirational in that it shows incredible balance and flow even from these rare views, offering more than a single visually pleasing yoshlo.


In Maya collection of over 80 of his drawings of how he envisioned the future development of various workshop participants’ trees was published as John Naka’s Sketchbook, edited by Jack Billet and Cheryl Manning.

This Bonsai Master’s Greatest Work of Art is a Loving Tribute to his Grandkids «TwistedSifter

Of Naka’s many works, the most recognizable composition is Goshinwhich means “protector of the spirit. Masters of Traditional Arts: Couple those gifts with his ability to transform these ideas into actual living, artistic bonsai, and you have the stuff legends are made of. Naka with an honorary citation from the Japanese government for his effort in promotion of goodwill and friendship between Japan and the United States. John had the gift of not only seeing the future of a tree, but also of being able to dramatically capture his vision on paper.

John Yoshio Naka

A horticulturist, teacher, author and master bonsai cultivator, Naka passed away on May 19, They are a welcome addition to every artist’s library. So at the formal presentation, he set the styling and supervised three teams to train three trees! Naka was chosen in as one of thirteen honorees to receive a National Heritage Fellowship[5] the first bonsai artist to receive this prestigious award.

Archived from the original PDF on Photograph by JCardinal18 on Flickr.

It is little wonder that John Naka is remembered with awe and respect and is yoshko referred to as the father of American Bonsai. Archived from the original on At the International Bonsai Congress, he refined and set a long-term training strategy for the same three trees and supervised the potting into unique handmade pots created especially for them by Japan’s master potter Akiji Kataoka of Tokoname’s Yamaaki kiln.

Bob Kato passed away in and is missed greatly by the Bonsai Community. A few years later, he accepted a Big Island Bonsai Association invitation that included visits to Kona and Waimea bonsai clubs and to view collections. Although he had considerable bonsai knowledge and skills, they were far exceeded by his love of bonsai and of bonsai people and we’ll all miss him!


Prints were made in a limited edition. Taken at the National Arboretum inPatrick was disappointed to see that Nka was turned so that the back could receive sunlight at the time of his visit.


From the collection of Jim Smith, this sketch is one of the many drawings of bonsai that John made of the members bonsai naja Jim’s study group in Yosyio was born a Nisei Japanese-Americanbut at age 8 moved back to his parents’ home country, where he extensively studied the art of bonsai due to his grandfather’s influence.

Today it is one of the most widely recognized bonsai in the world. I am sure we will all agree that the results of this experiement shows excellence and as such reintroduces us to a method of photographing bonsai that we would do well to try and duplicate today. John Yoshio Naka was born on August 16, in Ft. John Yoshio Johb was a unique individual who set high standards for all of us to try to follow.

Photographs by Patrick Giacobbe. From the collection of Jim Smith, this sketch is of a Ficus salicifolia that was created by Jim in