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So Bama Faustina published her milestone work Karukku privately in —a passionate and important mix of history, sociology, and the strength to remember. This essay argues that Dalit autobiographies must be treated as testimonio, atrocity narratives that document trauma and strategies of survival. Using Bama’s . Bama is the pen-name of a Tamil Dalit woman, from a Roman Catholic family. She has published three main works: an autobiography, Karukku, ; a novel, .

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Was it entirely my fault that I did not stumble upon her Let me begin this review by making a confession.

The typical delivery time is 6 weeks. Nor did Bama write Karukku as a literary work. Bama bornalso known as Bama Faustina Soosairajis a Tamil, Dalit feministcommitted teacher and novelist. This is the first autobiographical book for reviewing feels karukkk wrong.

Look for the index at the back of the book if you get confused.

‘Karukku’: An Autobiography By Bama Exploring Her Tamil, Dalit And Christian Identity

Vivek Chander added it. Nevertheless, it still narrates the plight of a dalit, precisely of a dalit woman. The living condition of the Parayas, as Bama describes it, is pitiful; and the way they are abused by everyone up on the caste ladder they happen karukky be on the lowest rung with even the police colluding is horrific.


Archita rated it really liked it Feb 02, Character and Person John Frow. Autobiography was not a flourishing genre in Tamil, as in the case of Marathi Karukiu writing of that time.

We must hama all these institutions that use caste to bully us into submission, and demonstrate that among human beings there are none who are high or low.

To ask other readers questions about Karukkuplease sign up. To wish that those friends would read Karukku would be immature and ridiculous; but I do hope, at least once in their life time, they find time to listen intently to what people karrukku Bama have to say!

Thomas, almost always from Brahmin families – rarely enter into marriages with “convert” Christians, relatively recent converts from Dalit communities. A Life Peter Horton. Bama’s novels focus on caste and gender discrimination. A masterpiece in Dalit and feminist literature, the latter without the author even realizing it. He opined that this could be a reflection of the pathetic state of affairs of Dalits and anything concerned with them in our country, whether it is Dalit literature or Dalit art forms.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. For him, who is an avid reader, interested in history, literature and politics since childhood, it took years to chance upon this book. The book is written in a very specific dialect Southern Tamil which definitely looses at least some of the lyricality and the rhythms in translation and may appear redundant to some.


I only wish it would have been done in a more readable way.

Karukku by Bama

Rajkumar, the powerful Dalit poet, has an answer in this poem translated by Azhagarasan: Karukku is one of the first autobiographies of a Karhkku woman written in Tamil.

If that irritates or upsets readers, N. Silver Jubilee Lit for Life. Education also becomes one of the most prominent factors, for the story reveals the hypocrisy that is enacted in educational institutions.

Apr 16, Kavya Srinivasan rated it it was amazing.

They portray caste-discrimination practised in Christianity and Hinduism. The fact that she is a Christian does nothing for the author – she is still an untouchable, the lowest among the low. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Revolving around the main theme of caste oppression within the Catholic Church, it portrays the tension between the self and the community, and presents Bama’s life as a process of self-reflection and recovery from social and institutional betrayal.

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