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(At the time of writing this tutorial, there are 26 mat. libraries available in the KT I.e. with Google SketchUp a scene will get exported as a camera position if. Kerkythea is simple to get started with, but has sophisticated settings to produce very professional final outcomes. Kerkythea and the Sketchup. Quickly creating 3D-models and doing sketchy renderings is clearly the strength of SketchUp. Most of its modeling feature set is even available.

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Model is included for download in this tutorial. Kerkythea also allows you to create or modify textures to your own specification, by right clicking on a material in the left pane and going to Edit Material. If you need to have blurred backgrounds, render a depth map in Kerkythea one of the last settings and add DOF in Photoshop.

Software used SketchUp, Kerkythea and Photoshop. Make sure you clean these up switch all visible sides to front in SketchUp before you export. Learn SketchUp to Layout for Architecture!

Artisan Subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection tools for 3D artists.

Rutorial this link tutoriap for more info http: It will guide you through scene setup, light creation, modification, animation setup, export and rendering. Get downloading Obviously first you need to download and install the latest version of Kerkythea from their website here. A very basic workflow goes like this: The final stage of this tutorial is the Settings box.


Profile Builder 2 takes parametric modelling to the next level. Any ideas on how to fix it? Set the sky color to white or grey, disable the sun and see what happens.

Just started playing around with KT and love it! Alternatively, you can click on parts of the model, and the corresponding material will be selected in the list. It includes a full-featured material editor and additional high-quality materials can be downloaded from the web.

All this is fine and good and certainly will be helpful when kerkythea has been downloaded but the real thing that people are asking is how to install kerkythea and its components into the right folders on the computer. These are some rendering types that can be done with this software: Create stunning presentations to visualize your ideas.

Rendering SketchUp models with Kerkythea – by [as]

In this tutorial, we will show you three different methods sketcbup how to render realistic pool water inside Kerkythea. I have noticed that my globals appear extremely blurry and pixelated…any idea what this may be? You can then directly open the model in Kerkythea kerkjthea clicking OK one more time. Nick is also responsible for design and content at Detail Design Onlinea great new resource for the architectural community. In this tutorial Majid goes further into the more advanced techniques in making materials, understanding their settings and then using them as a saved templates which can be edited later to suit your needs.


One feature that kerkjthea missing in SketchUp, though, is photo-realistic rendering. Nick is a third year Architect at the University of Bath, with a strong interest in graphic design and art.

Essential guide for architects, builders and designers who already know the basics of SketchUp. Learn how to perfect your modeling with new post-processing skills, techniques and easy to follow step by step instructions provided by highly talented professional contributors.

The sketchup model that a staff of mine is taking too long to be exported to the kerkythea and she is blaming the software. Lightspeed modeling of smart building materials. PlaceMaker automates the creation of your site model with a simple mouse stroke! Go to the plugins menu and export the scene. Open File in Kerkythea. The default will be whatever kerrkythea SketchUp exported it as, but the size you want will depend on what you want the render for.

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Artisan Subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection tools for 3D artists. To create a good-looking material, apply one of the basic plastic materials with the desired reflectivity and then apply your texture to the diffuse channel.

This book will make you wave goodbye to AutoCAD.