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In the Wavestation EX, also called EXK-WS, was released (pictured above). The EX added Sending Sysex Files From PC To Korg Wavestation A/D. View and Download Korg Wavestation player’s manual online. Wavestation Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. View and Download Korg Wavestation service manual online. Wavestation Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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To learn more about the Effects, please see Chapter 7. It also lets you stretch or shrink the overall time of a Wave Sequence. For more information, please see he Reference Guide. Not Enough Tuning Range?

The product does not appear to operate normally or exhibits a marked change in performance; E. Since the ear is less pitch-sensitive in the bass KORG Wavestation Player’s Guide and treble ranges, most acoustic pianos and some electric pianos are actually stretch tuned.

In a few hours you can be whipping out sound collages that until fairly recently would have taken a battery of tape artists or computer programmers several weeks to KORG Wavestation Player’s Guide create.


The start point of the Wave Sequence, and the progression from step to step, can be modulated. If the Structure is one oscillator, this parameter is not available. All RAM cards must be formatted before being used in the Wavestation. And then there is the whole realm of effects modulation via the MDE processor. Each Bank holds 32 Wave Sequences, for a total of This can be especially useful for repetitive tasks or frequently-used adjustments. Do not use this product near water— for example, near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool, or the like.


Korg – WaveStation – Service Manual

FIguts A Wave Sequence with Seven Steps Note that this rough drawing is not a manuql, but a picture of the overall amplitude envelope of the wave sequence. ENV 1 Mod Amount: ZOOM will appear to tell you that you are viewing a compressed graphic. Multitimbral – 16 parts. If you Intend to use this unit In areas where the voltage is different from the rated AC voltage, consult your KORG dealer about a suitable voltage transformer.

The result is one korv evolving waveshape that yields very sophisticated textures.

Springs automatically center it. For now, leave this set to its default of BOTH. Read all the Instructions before using the product.

This product should be used only with a cart or stand that is recommended by the manufacturer. Because they have up to eight Parts, Performances multiply the sonic richness and detail of a sound. Thus, even with only one Patch, up to four of these wave “songs” can play simultaneously during a single note.

For the other global parameters, please see the Reference Guide. The path describes how to get there using the soft keys. To prevent tum-off transients which can damage speakers, switch off the power amplifier first 4. For complete instructions, please see Chapter 4. Points have levels, while the value of point 4 is always 0. The actual modulation effect may combine vibrato, tremolo, chorusing, panning, and other expressive effects, as progranuned by a variety of Patch and Effects parameters.

It is debatable whether we can imagine sounds as complex and potentially expressive as are suggested by four-track wave sequencing without actually having the Wavestation with which to hear and communicate them. Patch names are abbreviated. Do not modify the plug provided with the product — if it does not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrteian.


Korg Wavestation Player’s Manual

Your audio system is as crucial to your sound as violin or guitar bodies are to those instruments. Connect the Wavestation and switch everything on. There are two types of cards for the different types of soimd data. You might even koorg a number of different MIDI Program Changes – say, 14, 56, and 97 – to all call up that same electric piano.

You can set loops over a sequence so that a range of steps plays 1- times, or plays continuously. On top of this, add multi-voice synthesis functions such as envelope and LFO modulation for each sequence. Waves can in fact either wx single-cycle or few-cycle waveforms waveshation loop continuously, sampled transients followed by loops, or sampled transients which play only once.

This means that it recognizes data received on any of the 16 MIDI channels. Effects – 2 onboard effects. Delay waveztation, and Transposition, allowing you to exercise outstanding control over even complex MIDI systems. Aftertouch pressure sensing is monophoiuc. Try using the exciter to increase high-end clarity.

Second, the MDE programs all the routing associated with the effects.