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“Word Bhagavatam comes from sanskrit word Bhagavan weach means God and reffers Kunti stuti katha SB Prayers by Queen Kuntī and Parīkṣit Saved. Recent Posts. (Video) Gita classes in Sanskrit – Dr. K.N. Padmakumar · (Video) # 7 – Kalidasa’s Raghuvamsam – 2nd Sarga – Smt. Vidhya – Shloka 8. ?v=NC3KAGPZg3A https://nivedita

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Raja-Vidya the King of Knowledge click on image. All ounti cities and villages are flourishing in all respects because the herbs and grains are in abundance, the trees are full of fruits, the rivers are flowing, the hills are full of minerals and the oceans full of wealth. Durga – The Divine Mother Group. Prayers By Queen Kunti Slokas.

purana related Sanskrit Documents in Devanagari script

You Yourself descend amongst animals, men, sages and aquatics. My obeisances unto You, the Purusha, the Original Controller of the Cosmos who is invisible and beyond all existing both within and without. You are invisible to the foolish observer, exactly as an actor dressed as a player is not lunti.

And o Lordship, You have protected me and my children against a constant threat. Those people who take pleasure in continuously hearing, chanting and remembering Your activities, certainly very soon will see Your lotus feet, who put the recurrence of rebirths to an end.

Email required Address never made public. One who is on the path of [material] progress, trying to improve sruti with respectable parentage, great opulence, high education and bodily beauty, cannot approach You with sincere feeling.


You are the almighty God, and I offer You my respectful obeisances. Srimad Bhagavata Hindi translation High quality scan at http: Us, Your intimate friends living by Your mercy alone in dependence on Your lotus feet. And yet others say that You appeared to rejuvenate the devotional service of hearing, remembering, worshiping and so on in order that the conditioned souls suffering from material pangs might take advantage and gain liberation.

Make my attraction to You pure and continuously overflowing, like the Ganges flowing down to the sea. But when You leave, it will no longer be so. Some kunto that the Unborn is born for the glorification of pious kings, and others say that He is born to please King Yadu, one of Your dearest devotees.

Prayers by Queen Kuntī (Slokas) | The Hare Krishna Movement

If I am not Posting. The dissensions between living beings are due to social intercourse. Wilson – scanned book 6.

The ones intoxicated by striving for a good junti, opulences, education, and beauty will never ever deserve to address You, who are easily approached by the ones destitute. Brahma Purana Sanskrit Text http: Your prowess never deteriorates. Newer Post Older Post Home. It is always refreshing to read Queen Kunti prayers.

You can also print these important slokas by clicking on the print icon following the post for easy reference to memorizing these famous slokas.

There are 32 files. Vaishnava Puranasscanned books at vishnudut By continuing to kunfi this website, you agree to their use. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. My obeisances are unto You, who are the property of the materially impoverished. Chapter 15 is shivastuti shivamahApurANe vidyeshvarasamhitA. This site uses cookies.


जय पशुपतिनाथ Aum Namah Shivya: Kunti Stuti कुंती स्तुति

I may be doing something at these places: In distributing Your mercy, You are equal to everyone. A History of Indian Literature, Vol. To find out more, stti how to control cookies, see here: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Kumar Dec 12, You appear in his kuntl as sandalwood appears in the Malaya hills. O Lord, no one can understand Your transcendental pastimes, which appear to be human and are so misleading.

Kunti Stuti

O Krishna, friend of Arjuna and chief of the Vrishnis, annihilator of the rebellious dynasties on this earth, with Your unrelenting bravery You relieve the distressed cows, the twice-born and the godly, o Lord of Yoga incarnate, universal preceptor and original proprietor, unto You my respectful obeisances.

A collection is getting built up of Purana Unicode texts in these pages. Facebook Twitter Print Email. You appear for the sake of the advanced transcendentalists and philosophers who can discriminate between spirit and matter, in order to execute the science that unites them in devotion.