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La storia segreta di lucifero (lynn Picknett). 4 likes. Book. La storia segreta di Lucifero. Angelo del male o fonte luminosa di vita? ( Hardcover). Published October by Newton Compton. 1st edition I. The Secret History of Lucifer has ratings and 17 reviews. Tim said: I would read Lucifero, “portatore di luce” diventa poi “Satana”. Il libro spiega come è.

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Andrew Edwards rated it liked it Jan 15, Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera. The orthodox Christian view tells us that Prince Lucifer challenged God, fell from Heaven, tempted Eve, and created death and suffering.

La storia segreta di Lucifero. Angelo del male o fonte luminosa di vita?

Interi capitoli di Aradia sono dedicati a rituali e formule magiche. I rimanenti cinque capitoli contengono in tutta evidenza altro materiale che Leland credeva avesse una certa attinenza con il Vangeloacquisito durante la sua ricerca sulla stregoneria italiana, in particolare mentre stava lavorando a Etruscan Roman Remains e Legends of Florence.

However, in the biblical account, there is no mention that the sstoria is the Devil, Satan or Lucifer. Lucifero, “portatore di luce” diventa poi “Satana”.

The Secret History of Lucifer: Evil Angel or the Secret of Life Itself? by Lynn Picknett

Pickett is fun and she does cover lot of “mysteries” but here also lies a biggest fault in her writing sdgreta too often she simply meanders, jumping from one subject to another without explaining how and why these chapters are connected at all. Books by Lynn Picknett. I like her for this. Eilleen rated it liked it May 21, Nov 29, Tim Pendry rated it it was ok Shelves: Quotes from The Secret Histor Or did it somehow encompass the old idea of the luxuriant garden?

The book is riddled with polemic, selective facts, lots of ‘mays’ and ‘could it be thats’, odd etymologies, conflation of events from different times and circumstances and extremely doubtful ‘evidence’ though we have no doubt this is due to weak judgement rather than malice aforethought.

Be the first to ask a question about The Secret History of Lucifer. Lynn Picknet is still a little steamed at the sexest practices of the Vatican, but the book is still an excellent history of the oppression of ruling religions. She crammed brazilian spiritualists, witch hunt, John the Baptist, Leonardo Da Vinci and Aleister Crowley in one big mix that somehow feels unfinished, unsorted and unedited.


Lists with This Storai. On this count I was wrong, and though Ive got to admit it was an interesting and entertaining read, when I put it down I still couldnt tell the difference between any of the three fore-mentioned gentlemen… Lynn Picknett is not very h I picked up this book at a time when I was caught off-guard after reading the transcripts of a series of lectures by Rudolf Steiner, feeling confused about the concepts of Satan, Lucifer and Ahriman.

As entertainment this is all is amusing enough but as a factual basis for understanding history, forget it. Sep 13, Antonio Meridda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Indeed, many ancient goddesses do known as Lucifera, or “Light-bringer. Leland riferisce di averlo ricevuto dalla sua principale fonte di informazioni sulle tradizioni della stregoneria italiana, una donna che lo luciffero chiama Maddalena. He is simply a snake, apparently doing what snakes do best — tempting women. Anche Mathiesen rifiuta la terza ipotesi, sostenendo che mentre i brani del libro scritti in inglese erano stati profondamente revisionati durante il processo di scrittura, le parti in italiano, al contrario, quasi non erano state toccate, tranne piccoli ritocchi ” esattamente del tipo che avrebbe fatto un correttore di bozze confrontando la propria copia con l’originale “.

Michael Logan rated it liked it Feb 18, The best approach is deep scepticism about all authorities’ claims about the past rather than to make attempts to prove our own expectations. Parti del discorso comparvero in una delle prime versioni del rituale della Wicca gardneriana. No trivia or quizzes yet. Yes, the authors have read widely.

Aradia, o il Vangelo delle Streghe – Wikipedia

And yes, Lucifer is not evil. Picknett draws together ancient heretical Christian and Egyptological texts, the implications of abnormal psychology, and the “extreme possibilities” of certain barely understood human attributes to ask if humans actually created God and Lucifer, not merely as icons or metaphors but in a terrifying, literal way. Il capitolo XV, ad esempio, presenta un incantesimo per evocare Laverna per mezzo dell’utilizzo di un mazzo di carte da gioco.


Malleable Art rated it liked it Apr 14, The author, with the usual wit and extensive researching that characterize all her works, gives us a fluid, chronologic account of the dark, medievil times pun intended and the barbarities committed by the Church and the guardians of “morality”, worldwide, to remain in power and in control of the masses.

Dopo aver tradotto e sistemato il materiale occorsero altri due anni per la sua pubblicazione.

Maddalena, nella corrispondenza con Leland, si firmava “Maddalena Talenti”. La parte narrativa occupa la minoranza del testo e si compone di brevi racconti e leggende sulla nascita della religione delle streghe e sulle gesta dei loro dei. Picknett sounds very likable as a person and no stiria she might be very nice dinner guest, but her writing is unfocused.

Inoltre afferma che il cattivo rapporto con Aradia possa essere dovuto a una certa “insicurezza” tra i neopagani riguardo alla pretesa del movimento di interpretare un’autentica religione riemersa dal passato.

Un libro molto intrigante.

Then he became Satan, horned king of Hell, whose hatred for God’s creation motivated his mission to drag the rest of us down with him. Snakes come out of it rather badly, too, as the embodiment of evil, the medium through which Satan tempts we pathetic humans. Return to Book Page.

Better, perhaps we should decide not to make any claims for liberation in or on the past but just concentrate our demands on the present our current condition and on the future how we believe we should be allowed to live our lives.

Leland scrive che, dopo undici anni di ricerche, non fu sorpreso dai contenuti del Vangelo.