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Stunners Plus! by Larry Becker. Another great book from Larry Becker. Publisher: Aplar Publishing; Pages: ; Location: Carefree, AZ, USA. Larry Becker’s magnificent opus, Stunners! was first published in In at the Society of American Magicians annual convention in New. Larry Becker’s magnificent opus, Stunners! was first published in Plus! is also packed with major improvements to such effects as Casino Royale.

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Buying the page spiral bound book and the 4 audio cassettes that are supplied may be one of the two or three best professional investments you will make as a magician or a mentalist. This page was created in 0. A death-defying demonstration that is totally original and requires stunneds no gimmicks.

An unpublished, easily executed sleight that enables you to cleanly force a playing card even though the spectator’s choice is extremely fair. That statement is not a complaint, just a visual description so that you have an idea what it is.

A spectator freely selects one of different words. It is also available from http: I don’t say it is not good, because some would really love items like Casino Royal and the like. But I have been thinking of leaving this place due to posts like this. I believe, partially depending on some things like sgunners disclaimers and choice of other effects, that they will still credit you with extraordinary skills that they have not trained themselves to accomplish.

Thought I was showing the way rather than constructing a barrier. Nir Dahan, Count one who didn’t like Sneak Thief.

This is indeed an awesome book! It is the only thing I know anything about. Choose carefully when to turn the following pages.


A close-up mental card effect. This product was successfully added to cart! The performer makes a prediction. The presentational ideas alone would make this one of the greatest educational journeys you’ve ever taken. The presentational ideas alone would make this one of the greatest educational journeys you’ve ever taken. The performer demonstrates the dtunners power of subliminal suggestion using a portable tape recorder.

The age old “clock” principle is elevated to mental miracle status with two outstanding stand-up presentations, “Mind Mirror” and “Cardology.

He is, however, a master at his craft and I am in awe of his mind and his ability. Routines, patter, how to contact and who to talk to. Larry Becker and Roy Roth combine their talents to produce a die divination box that duplicates everything the expensive electronic models can do, without the use of electronics.

About how much of the book uses props, percentage wise It depends on what you refer to as “props”.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Stunner Plus by Larry Becker – for those who read it

Author of Illusions of Influence, a treatise on Equivoque. These inexplicable mysteries, complete with presentations, will catapult you to a higher plateau as an entertainer. Through his entertaining magic and metalism, he teaches the proper application of this very important tool. Leo Boudreau’s ingenious close-up mental effect complete with the artwork you need to do-it-yourself. Sven Rygh Inner circle Oslo, Norway.

In addition, this exciting new book also includes the instructions and presentations for many of Larry’s commercially produced effects.

Stunners PLUS! By Larry Becker

If you do not receive this email, please contact us here: Some Total on the other hand It just wasn’t me. Welcome to the forum Ott. Write your own review. And if that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, imagine peering into the inner workings of Larry’s many commercial products. I have seen others discuss their favorite effects from books and dvd’s just to start a conversation.

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If you have even a little bit of a handering to work for big money you should get and read this book. The definitive effort that finally puts an end to the “Psycho” saga. You laarry no items in your Shopping Cart! However, there is a lot and I, mean a LOT of great, very usable, audience tested and practical routines here.

Let me describe just one of the effects mentioned above in this tome.

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And, when Larry invited me to write the foreword for this, his most prodigious and, alas, final book I was deeply stunnres. No markup to profit on the shipping. Click to leave a voice review.

Four spectators draw whatever they wish on blank file cards. Larry Becker’s umpteenth improvement on his first stunnerx success. It feels like a phone book and just as awkward to hold. But there is something negative in assuming that one hasn’t read the book.

Stunners! Plus! Two Decades of Mental Magic by Larry Becker :

Yeah, there is a lot of info there, but a lot is very prop oriented. A baffling mental coin effect with an extra added “attraction. Apr 16, The material in the Post Stunners Decade is of the same quality of the material in Stunners.

By Larry Becker Please Note: