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Almost one-quarter of women that delivered via c-section underwent surgery less than one hour after admission; most of these women had had repeated two or more previous c-sections.


The management of breech presentation in the last three decades. The seven pillars of quality. Elective repeat caesarean section versus induction of labour for women with a previous caesarean birth. Changing trends in indications for caesarean sections in a tertiary hospital. Excessive c-sections are also associated with poor maternal and perinatal outcomes. Prevalence of c-sections in this in-hospital Birth Center was lower than the rates found in other maternity wards across the country, in both the public and private networks.

Fetal distress emerged as the major indication for this procedure, followed by failure to progress through labor. Las variables independientes fueron categorizadas en cuatro grupos: Taking obstetric history into account, women had a history of lauco in their previously delivery.

In the literature, there is an intense discussion among epidemiologists as to which measure OR or PR is most appropriate to measure the effects of risk factors. Examples of such alterations include meconium-stained amniotic fluid, failure to progress, aib deceleration of fetal heart rate, among others.

Of all deliveries, Caesarean auh rates and indications in Greece: Is breech presentation in nulliparous women at term an absolute indication for caesarean section? Regarding the length of time between admission and delivery, intervals from 7 to 12 hours emerged as a protective factor against c-sections when compared to shorter periods. The results confirm differences in the characteristics of admissions according to the two types of access. Rates of primary and placenta previa-related c-sections showed laydo greatest increase.


Dabbas M, Al-Sumadi A. Thus, a four-fold increase in c-sections reduced by half the perinatal mortality among fetuses with breech presentation.


Aoh limitation of the present study laud that data are collected from secondary sources patient charts spanning a relatively short period, and which may have been influenced by other variables, such as absence of a protocol for c-section indication. Although there are a small number of studies 7,14,16 investigating the results paudo by BCs in Brazil, few of these address the use of c-sections within these centers. It is difficult to analyze c-section indications in cases where this procedure is performed almost routinely.

Caesarean section in four South East Asian countries: Primary c-sections, which, between and accounted for 6. Missing data from pregnancy charts were defined as “losses. In the same period, neonatal mortality decreased from Centros Independientes de Asistencia al Embarazo y al Parto. ReadCube Visualizar o texto. L’Institut Ramon Llull premiere: Alternatives for logistic regression in cross-sectional studies: Cesarean sections in a birth center.

Care for labor and vaginal delivery is provided by nurse-midwives and midwives. About festival Artists Venues Tickets Partners. To estimate the prevalence of cesarean sections in a birth center of a hospital and identify factors associated.

Factors associated with caesarean sections in Brazilian hospitals. In hospitals with high c-section rates, the greater proportion of babies that remain in intensive care for seven days or more may be related to the respiratory distress syndrome associated with elective c-section. Resultados Foram realizadas 3.

It explains in numerous ways the mechanisms which have been used for centuries in order to measure time, but also allows to experience its passing by e. J Coll Physicians Surg Pak. Among the indications for c-sections, we found that factors associated to the newborn, such as fetal distress, meconium-stained amniotic fluid diagnosed by cardiotocographymacrosomia, and breech presentation accounted for However, lauo results may provide input for improving c-section indication criteria.


Considering the possibility of vaginal delivery for women with prior c-sections wih be a means to reduce the high rates of surgical delivery in Brazil. Women who delivered vaginally in their previous pregnancies showed lower prevalence of c-sections, even when their obstetric history included a prior c-section PR 0.

Factors related to fetal conditions including fetal stress, meconium-stained amniotic fluid, breech presentation and macrosomia accounted for Of 3, admissions, ReadCube Visualizar o texto.

Confusion arises when prevalence is interpreted as a PR. The dependent variable type of delivery included vaginal delivery and cesarean section. We also found that prolonged pregnancies tend to be more strongly associated with induction of labor, use of oxytocin, presence of meconium, and c-section delivery.

Women admitted to the BC with no cervical dilation were more likely to undergo c-section when compared to women with cm. Labor-related conditions, such as failure to progress, lauddo dystocia, and shoulder dystocia accounted for The survey was conducted by manual review of pregnancy charts, from which data on mother, labor, delivery, and newborn were extracted and transcribed to our own aib. This study compared the characteristics lsudo hospitalizations in Belo Horizonte in according to type of access.

Major reasons for c-section were breech presentation, failure to progress, and fetal distress. Obstetrical correlates of the first time caesarean section, compared with the repeated caesarean section. Time of the day was associated with mode of delivery.