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Learn Carnatic Music Online – 1 on 1 Online Carnatic Music Class With Live of in sangathis(modifications) in krithis and in manodharma sangeetham (creative. I’m assuming you mean an app to learn Indian Classical Music ‘Vocals’. I’m currently working on an app for My dad’s platform-RaoVocals, so have been digging. There have been some discussions in other threads about what age one should start learning carnatic music, like this one.

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Thus, as you wrote, the young or old, both the guru and shishya are equally committed and dedicated for teaching and learning in their own way finding the difference only in the end of the show. They may not be up for formal lessons at that age but interest and knowledge in music can be cultivated from a very early stage. But, it is entirely different with music and it is very difficult to find even a single person on the globe who is not interested in learning music.

That is their kind of response. It just depends on the context and personal background. If the training of kids in the novel qualitative method in teaching music is taken on campaign by all the Sabhas of Chennai it produces an entirely different set of kids who will become the torch bearers of sangeethamm society.

Shankar Mahadevan Academy | Learn Indian Music Online

But, in the meantime, he himself became enthusiastic of giving a music-concert like my disciple-kid by learning music from me even before his daughter. Age to start learning carnatic music To teach and learn Indian classical music.

Music-institutions or the Music Departments of the Universities on the globe. So why discourage people who come forward with a true interest to learn music or an instrument?

So we cannot ever give a categorical answer to this question.

In many of these music-institutions while the elders are very regular but learn very slowly and leisurely in a snails pace the youngsters are not that regular but certainly very fast than the elders. Frankly, it was lack of discipline which stood in my way more than age and I lacked it at 14 too, I’m afraid. Are you imagining this, due to some possible insecurities you might be feeling?


Do, please, give the author and source, including link if it was found online. Doing this will either make sangeefham break your relationship.

If not, it becomes more difficult and I am not able to put in the effort to work with you to bring you up to the success level I think is appropriate. Not everyone wants to perform, some want to learn for the sheer joy of learning.

But, unfortunately, in respect of Karnataka-violin, the accompaniment makes it more different. But make sure you are giving yourself the same respect that you are asking of your teacher.

I got good feedback and some people thought I had been learning since my childhood. That is why even after the lapse of a month nobody responded to his post as most of them are either music-teachers who never want to respond to such harmful discussions or music-aspirants who do not have sufficient knowledge to discuss. But, when I have refused to teach him, he stopped even his daughter to learn from me.

I started learning music only when I was in my late teens, so can’t claim to have learnt music from ‘a tender age! In general, no candidate is allowed to study the professional courses like medicine and engineering beyond 20 years of age and even the individuals after settling themselves in a job or business do not prefer to later study medicine or engineering.

On a side note as someone said not everyone learns music with eangeetham aim to perform. You may be right in querying that adults can play as well as those who learn as children and, as a teaching musician you certainly have the overview and experience but let us encourage those who want to learn, even though we may tell them, as they say in English, “don’t give up the day job!

Young or old, both the guru and shishya should be equally swngeetham and dedicated for teaching and learning. Getting the pecuniary advantages even the teachers will also co-operate with the elders in any manner they desire. On the other end of the spectrum, kids can start learning music as soon as they can talk. This is the very sad state of affairs of even the Universities, Colleges and Institutions brought out by sangeehham reputed organizations imparting music to the aspirants.


If this is a fantastic teacher, then you should probably spend some lesson time just to chat about what you want as a student, how you feel about their attitude toward you, and just work it out as openly and honestly as you can.

Many a time I have also requested the entire teaching community through sanyeetham of my posts in this forum to sincerely follow this system for the benefit of the aspirants and the music field and also to upload their relevant videos to inspire others. And daunting to anyone setting out to become a professional. kearn


I had to discontinue my learning due to other reasons, not because I was old, after a few years. Our traditional Karnataka music is a system of its own kind on the globe having some special features. That’s the reason why many don’t prefer to learn music full time. Even some of the already employed elders, at a later period, even try to acquire a Degree in Music and switch over to the teaching job having higher salary. By all this, only to caution the common man of this anonymous persons I am compelled to bring this unhealthy negativity into my post for which I beg all your pardon.

The soft and wet mud only facilitates to make a toy and also to disturb it each time to make another but if it hardens it is not possible to make any changes in it.