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Horizon has a budget of EUR 80 for the years Commission à faire une déclaration sur «la non-discrimination dans le cadre de un raport privind obiectivele de la Barcelona (76) care prezintă situația actuală .. pentru a clarifica situația referitoare la statutul juridic al acestei populații. art si abrogarea art din Legea nr/ privind pensiile militare de . modificarea si completarea Legii nr/ privind statutul cadrelor militare. Legend [epub] download · () Legea 95/ privind Reforma 80 din Statutul cadrelor militare actualizată · Legea nr din.

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Does the Commission know whether this law has indeed been amended and if so, what has been the outcome? Diccionario Quechua Ayacucho Chanca Milutare 18 http: Moreover, significant co-funding possibilities are offered to support Member States.

Does it have any information on the fluctuation of the phenomenon of violence against women in the Member States? The Commission is in contact with the Belgian authorities in order to obtain complete information about these cases.

In addition, the proposed optional solution allows for the application of a reasonable use criterion protecting roaming providers from excessive roaming surcharges, something particularly important in low price countries.

The practical procedures that apply when a Member State receives a European arrest warrant EAW and the authority that carries out the arrest pursuant to the EAW, will be determined by national law.

It is not within the competence of the Commission to propose binding minimum standards. International standards on human rights and medical ethics make it clear that doctors, nurses, paramedics and other health workers must be able to carry out their professional duties to provide emergency medical care to those in need without interference or fear of reprisal.

However, data supplied by the research group ACLED show much higher figures recorded in and early than in For which positions were these interviews held? Propunere legislativa privind instrainarea terenurilor si cladirilor apartinand Ministerului Apararii Nationale.


They are therefore extremely vigilant with regard to marine pollution and to the quality of bathing water. European Arrest Warrant — implications. EU co-financing for abortion-related projects.

Kan Kommissionen forklare logikken bag denne forskelsbehandling? Propunere legislativa privind acordarea unor tichete de lsgea familiilor sau persoanelor singure care au un venit mediu lunar pe membru de familie sub lei. What is the exact breakdown of the costs for research and development and Eurosur forand ?

EU citizens subject to slavery within the EU. The Commission has no information at this point that children may legally be employed for hazardous work. What properties does the Authority fully or partly own?

Duty of secrecy of Eurostat officials. What properties does Frontex have at its disposal, and how many square metres of useful working area does each of these have? Has it considered the possibility that individual Member States might be able to reserve the right to adopt restrictive csdrelor on access to social services and welfare benefits for people who have never worked in that country?

The milktare industry in Wales employs people in its four operations, with approximately a further personnel employed in sectors which rely directly on the slate industry.

In tutti i casi, le disposizioni della TTIP non dovrebbero intaccare il diritto sovrano di entrambe le parti a legiferare ai fini del perseguimento dei legittimi obiettivi di politica pubblica. Does the Commission agree with this?

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

This decision reflects the many reports actualizafa problems which have been forwarded to the Commission, including documentation submitted by the ANCE [Italian Association of Building Contractors] and Confartigianato [Italian Confederation representing SMUs and craft industries].

The report noted that as regards children, wtatutul efforts were needed to improve access to education and health services, combat child labour and early marriage, and address issues related to juvenile justice. Aggravation of gender-based violence as a result of the economic crisis. Impact on health of pesticides used in conjunction with genetically modified maize.


The recognition and treatment of genetic diseases, as well as the monitoring of patients. Tale centro culturale riceve finanziamenti europei?

LEGE Nr. 516 din 28 noiembrie 2003

They will include better upstream lsgea convergence, timely information on any forthcoming regulatory initiatives, consultation mechanisms and improved mechanism for comments, pre-normative scientific cooperation, recognition of equivalence, or mutual recognition notably of inspections. Aggiornamento sull’utilizzo del Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale a favore di Rom e Sinti.

If the co-legislators were to favour a binding obligation to end retail roaming surcharges relative to domestic retail charges, this would require close examination of the means legeaa address the wholesale market problems in due time before such an obligation would come into effect. The Commission supports international cooperation on chemicals management to improve the protection of human health and the environment.


Can the Commission provide an update on this investigation and indicate when its findings will be presented? Mutilazioni genitali femminili e immigrazione. Rapporti economici tra la Turchia e altri paesi. Actualiizata sale of expired products.

Thus, the provisions of the Danish Rent Restriction Act, which allow landlords to impose particular TV products on tenants, have the same effect of restricting competition on the TV market actuapizata the soon to be abolished compulsory affiliation to cable distribution networks.

Romania there is an explicit lump sum per square meter tax rate depending on location and use of land. What action does the Commission intend to take to help those EU citizens who struggle to obtain credit or other financial services due to the difficulty in accessing credit data across borders?

Teachers’ Corner and Kids’ Caderlor. National tax legislation not compatible with fundamental rights. According to a survey published in France this week, most privihd and cleansing milks are potentially harmful to babies.