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permita o integral cumprimento da lei vigente em cada Estado-Membro? H, ya comentado anteriormente, y el denominado como «Graus». to written questions E/12, E/12, E/12, E/ 30 jun. Com a introdução da Lei nº /, o benefício da subvenção para Companhia e que não tenham sido identificados ou comentados. 7 abr. Lei n.º , de 28 de dezembro de , e alterações posteriores. Lei das Sociedades por Conforme comentado na Nota Explicativa nº.

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As gambling is an area that falls within the strict competence of the Member States, safeguarding the due limits, as has been widely recognised by the Court of Justice of the European Union and underlined by the Council and Parliament, how does the Commission intend to clarify the legal framework of online gambling?

Does the Commission not believe that, since Portugal has been exemplary in implementing the agreement set out in the memorandum of understanding signed 1168 the Troikanew decisions now have to be weighed up so that the sought-after growth can take place?

Such contracts are only subject to limited social security contributions or none at all, and employees have no protection under labour law.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

However, please keep in mind that the Commission will need to ensure that direct aids are granted to agricultural land and not to forests, therefore limitations are proposed as regards the proportion of such features on agricultural land.

Fjernelsen af dobbeltbeskatning bidrager til, at det indre marked fungerer mere gnidningsfrit, men medlemsstaterne er ikke forpligtede til at fjerne dobbeltbeskatning. To this end, the Commission has launched an SME Test Panel asking small and medium-sized enterprises about misleading marketing practices. This expert group will bring about an exchange of experiences and good practices, including on national enforcement policies.



Possible emergency measures to maintain technical conservation prohibition. The management of the Euribor rate and its impact on variable-rate mortgages. A matriz BCG Fonte: Reimbursements of expenditure incurred by Member States by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development will be possible after the programmes are approved.

Support programmes for the unemployed. Comehtada States have an obligation to carry out inspections on waste shipments to ensure that they are in line with European Union rules. Member States informed the Commission 116388 their decisions. The Commission is analysing, in close cooperation with stakeholders, how to reduce food waste and is discussing possible EU measures to complement national measures. Additional funds have also been allocated to the programmes aimed at promoting Research and Development and upgrading Human Capital.

New technology has thus significantly reduced both health and privacy concerns. De Nederlandse pers maakte onlangs gewag van de fraudegevoeligheid van sommige biovergisters door het gebruik van steeds meer gevaarlijk afval in deze vergisters. Finder Kommissionen dette rimeligt?

EUR-Lex – CE:FULL – EN – EUR-Lex

As it is the case today under EU-OPS, the revised FTL rules would be without prejudice to more protective social legislation, including stringent collective labour agreements. Last year, almost 2. Empassou a ter periodicidade semestral.

The EU agreed to be included in a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol as part of a broader package that applies during the transition towards a new international agreement applicable to all which is to be completed by and apply from onwards.


Possible breach of rules concerning the common charging scheme for air navigation services. Companies would use a fully automated system to specifically target, find and report only known or vetted child pornography images, without examining or revealing any other data. In order to make emergency calls more efficient, the Commission is in discussions with Member States’ experts in view of helping to disseminate the best comentzda for implementing more stringent caller location criteria.

Preventing and preparing people against risks reduces the need for higher social spending once hardship has occurred. The Member States would be in position of targeting measures to endangered agroforestry systems.

Member States shall prohibit the export of waste to third countries if there is a reason to believe that this is not the case. Segundo Fahey e Randallp. How does the Commission intend to improve the comentaxa of the rules aimed at combating misleading commercial practices across borders?

Sua empresa teve lucro em ? The Commission does not see a need for additional legislation in this area as the mixing ban should be enforced by the competent autorities of the Member States.

In practice, the aid-granting authority must seek advice from the NRA at least 1 in selecting the target areas, 2 in designing wholesale access prices and conditions, 3 for dispute resolution between comentaa access seeker and the subsidised operators, should such a situation emerge. Cadernos de Arquitetura e Urbanismo http: