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Chemically Activated Boron Nitride Nanotubes. An ab Initio Study. A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Approach. It is important to note 1392 in the fluorinated h-BN sheet with no curvaturethe FM and AFM spin states are almost degenerate [ ].

Leey has been shown theoretically that the chemical functionalization with amine groups reduces the band gap [ — ] and makes the functionalized BNNT a p-type semiconductor [ ]. The piezoelectric effect, which is a process of generating electrical charge using mechanical force, has also been demonstrated both theoretically [ 96 — 99 ] and experimentally [ ] in BNNTs for possible applications in nanomechanical sensors and actuators.

Conductance let and field-emission enhancement. Adsorption of transition-metal atoms on boron nitride nanotube: In addition to the band gap modulation, functionalization of BNNTs with different molecules have been shown to disentangle and leg the multi-walled BNNTs [ 31 — 34 ], as observed in CNTs [ 35 — 38 ] and graphene [ 39 ]; this is an important first step toward their practical application.

Different materials such as organic and inorganic nanostructures are explored for possible applications in spintronics. Theory of graphitic boron nitride nanotubes.

Recent advancements in boron nitride nanotubes. Exohedral doping of single-walled boron nitride nanotube by atomic chemisorption.

A giant dc Stark effect. It has been reported that the metal-free fluorinated BNNT exhibits long range ferromagnetic spin ordering, which is stable at a temperature much higher than room temperature. Mechanochemical Synthesis of Boron Nitride Nanotubes. However, aided by both theoretical and experimental progress, the understanding of the synthesis, purification, fabrication, and functionalization of BNNTs for tuning their electronic properties has advanced significantly over the past few years.

Reversible 13952 engineering in carbon nanotubes by radial deformation. This can be done using both covalent and non-covalent functionalization; however, the non-covalent one seems more appropriate since it preserves the intrinsic properties of the BNNTs [ 32 ]. Electro-optical modulation for a boron nitride nanotube probed by first-principles calculations. In the case of F adsorption on BNNTs, unlike the C adsorption, the F atom takes some electrons from the neighboring N atoms, and the unpaired electrons 13952 the N sites contribute to magnetism [ 30 ].


Boron Nitride Nanotubes for Spintronics

Origin, development, and future of spintronics. Nanotubes in boron nitride laser heated at high pressure. Currently, an alternative way of spin filtering without using external magnetic field for spin splitting has been explored [ 30— 1359. BNNTs of different diameters have also been used to pack the C 60 molecules [ 28 ]; theoretical study shows that 10, 10 and 17, 0 BNNTs are the most favorable size for the encapsulation of C 60 [ ].

When a channel is attached to magnetic electrodes, an applied bias drives the spin polarized electrons from the spin source to the spin drain. Das Magnetische Moment des Silberatoms. Structure and magnetic properties of adatoms on carbon nanotubes. It should be noted that band gap modulation and conductivity enhancement upon application of radial strain are being reported in semiconducting CNTs [ 92 — 95 ].

Traditionally, the formation 13952 local magnetic moments in different elements and alloys has been associated with partially filled d and f states of the elements [ 4546— ]; collective magnetism in such materials is the result of coupling between these localized moments.

Field emission and strain engineering of electronic properties in boron nitride nanotubes. Exchange splitting and bias-dependent transport in EuO spin filter tunnel barriers. For example, the discovery of the giant magneto resistance GMR effect, which provides the foundation behind modern high density data storage devices, is an important success story of spintronics; GMR-based sensors have wide applications, ranging from automotive industry to biology.

Experimentally, radial deformation can be employed in NTs by pressing them between the AFM tip and the substrate, as shown in the Figure 3 [ 87 ]. This clearly suggests that the observed high spin filter efficiency is a general feature of F-BNNT for a reasonably low coverage of fluorine [ 30 ].


There are numerous schemes being published for the functionalization of CNTs [ 35 — 38 ] and graphene [ 39 ]. The second point is that the spin-down orbital coupled more strongly to the metal state at the interface than the spin-up orbital; this increases the broadening and the escape rate of the spin-down electrons as seen from Figure 11b [ 30 ]. Nanoparticles functionalization and junction fabrication.

For practical applications, one needs to separate the individual BNNT from the bundle.

Giant amplification of tunnel magnetoresistance in a molecular junction: For example, the band gap of a BNNT with diameter Nanospintronics with carbon nanotubes.

In the case of a The origin of spin splitting goes back to the year when Stern and Gerlach through their ingenious experiment [ ] demonstrated the ly of spin angular momentum of the electron. Theoretical study also reveals that the encapsulation of an electrophilic molecule in BNNT introduces new acceptor states close to the valence band edge of the BNNT making it a p-type semiconductor; encapsulation of nucleophilic molecule in BNNT does not bring about much change in the electronic structure near the Fermi energy [].

Synthesis, characterization and theory.

The functionalization in which hybridization at the adsorption site of the host remains unchanged upon functionalization is called non-covalent physisorption functionalization [ 3261 ].

Due to their large band gap, BNNTs are also explored as a tunnel magneto resistance device. Lry electronic structure of transition-metal atomic chains adsorbed on single-wall carbon nanotubes.

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F-BNNT 135992 also been found to exhibit long range ferromagnetic spin ordering [ 3042 ]. Published online Sep A first-principles DFT study. It also offers a higher resistance to oxidation [ 910 ] and a higher thermal stability [ 11 ] in comparison to CNTs.

Initially, the sp magnetism was observed in carbon-only materials [ 46 ]. High-temperature thermal stability and axial compressive properties of a coaxial carbon nanotube inside a boron nitride nanotube.