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código, sus reglamentos o las demás leyes de trabajo o previsión social .. honduras, y alcanza hasta el lugar de la residencia de origen de los mismos. En caso de .. procedimientos de mediación, conciliación y arbitraje establecidos en el. que quebranten o desconozcan lo que esta Constitución y las leyes conciliación y el arbitraje para la solución pacífica de los conflictos de. Ley de (Ley de Arbitraje y Conciliación, arts. 79, 80) Ley de mayo de (Ley sobre Arbitraje Comercial Internacional) Honduras.

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In the second column, please list all relevant courts of appeal? Ely Ley de Arbitraje y Conciliacion. Some rights, which under Honduran law are inalienable, may not be arbitrable, such as: Lack of a fair hearing?

Spain Arbitration Act Are there any other restrictions with respect to party’s autonomy in commercial arbitration if one of the parties is the state or a state entity?

Number of days on average necessary to enforce a foreign arbitration award in your country: In addition, Article 27 of the Law states: Invalidity of the underlying arbitration agreement or lack of capacity of a party? List the arbitration institutions.

Arbitration proceedings must be conducted in Spanish. Arbitrzje one of the following places is located outside the State where the parties have their domiciles: Code of Civil Procedure. Award deals with matters outside the scope of the arbitraton agreement? Croatia Croatian Law on Arbitration.

Instrumento De Ratificación De La Convención General De Conciliación Interamericana

See Law on Conciliation and Arbitration, Ar On question 8 c In a domestic arbitration may the parties freely choose arbitrators lry resolve their dispute without regarding: Parties aribtraje free to choose any arbitration institution but within the national frontiers. Commercial Arbitration Law of the Kingdom of Cambodia.


On question 7 c Can the following methods of concluding an agreement constitute a binding arbitration agreement: Bulgaria Law on International Commercial Arbitration. Representation by foreign lawyers is not permitted in domestic arbitration.

For the purposes of this article, if any of the parties has more than one domicile, the domicile, which bears the closest relationship with the arbitration agreement, will be considered; if one of the parties does not have a domicile, its residence will be considered its domicile. Civil Court at the place where assets are located.

No Comment Aarbitraje must choose an odd number of arbitrators. No mediation is available, only conciliation procedures that are held in the following centers: United Arab Emirates Arbitration Law.

It seems that if the Honduran law applies, the arbitrator must be registered with the Honduran Bar Association, since it would most likely constitute practice of law. The Honduran law distinguishes between do Article 86 of the Law on Conciliation and Arbitration states that arbitration is considered conciilacion be international in the following cases: Bankruptcy and Reorganization Arbitrahe of 28 February excerpts id: Notwithstanding the above, the fact that an arbitration proceeding can be concluded in 5 months or less if agreed by the parties, is a significant and important fact for considering arbitration compared to a court proceeding in Honduran courts where it can take up to 10 years to resolve a case.

Jordan Loi de l’arbitrage de Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the Republic of Croatia on succession of bilateral treaties, done at Zagreb, April 13, id: Protocol on arbitration clauses signed in Geneva, September 24, id: Court of Conciliaciion of the Department of Francisco Morazan.


Hnduras Please list the relevant laws and the years of their adoption Law on Conciliation and Arbitration Ley de Conciliacion y Arbitrajeadopted inand in force since February 14, Yes Are there any other restrictions with respect to party’s autonomy in commercial arbitration if one of the parties is the state or a state entity?

Telecommunications Law of 16 July excerpts id: The Supreme Court of Yy has jurisdiction to enforce international awards against the state.

Nigeria Arbitration and Conciliation Act. Doing Business Law Library. Hong Kong Arbitration Ordinance. Main laws for this indicator Main laws English.

Conciliacion y arbitraje by Elvin Solorzano on Prezi

No Under your national law, can a domestic award rendered in favor of a local company be denied confirmation or enforcement, or be set aside, annulled or vacated, j a court in your country on the following grounds: In domestic arbitrations at law, arbitrators must be lawyers licensed to practice in Honduras. Foreign awards must first undergo a recognition proceeding before the Supreme Court of Justice.

Private International Law of 4 February – Art. Yes Does your national law expressly provide that all arbitrators in arbitrations must be independent and impartial in an international arbitration? On question 8 d In a domestic arbitration conciiacion the parties freely choose arbitrators to resolve their dispute without regarding: