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Implementación de la ley forestal y de fauna silvestre caso de Ucayali en período / Lissette Canseco Puelles.() /SD P4 C Currently the Peruvian legislation regarding forest animals is mainly contained in the Ley Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre N° , introduced in , which. Ley , Ley de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información Pública Wildlife Law Ley , Ley del Canon / Canon Law Ley , Ley Forestal y de Fauna .

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For example, if the concessionaire harvested a tree, the inspector should find evidence, such as a freshly cut stump, at that location. Cutting seed or regeneration trees.

Waiver of concession rights by the concessionaire. The majority of logging concessions are enabling illegal logging outside the approved concession area.

PLoS One 6e Spatial data of logging concessions. Failure to comply with established harvesting methods.

ley forestal 27308 pdf

However, comprehensive and quantitative analyses of precisely how existing legal frameworks facilitate this illegal logging are rare. Ministerio de Agricultura, Support for research was provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Peru 2730 en Numeros Permits and authorizations are typically for smaller forest units on private and indigenous lands. Once timber in transit has a GTF, it is very difficult for authorities to identify the original source of the timber.


Volume non-cedar documented in Balance of Extraction not from concession unit. The authors declare no competing financial interests.

Decreto Legislativo Nº – Ley Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre.

A GTF includes information regarding the species, volume, and place of origin of the transported material. Failure to comply with the General Forest Management Plan. Our analysis indicates that logging is not contained to delimited concessions and continues to threaten all forested areas, including protected areas and indigenous territories. Authorized timber cedar in the POA left standing.

Under the current system, the two main ways to identify illegal logging—discovery of timber in transit without GTFs or post-harvest OSINFOR inspection—come far too late to be effective Should a POA contain one of these species, a forest authority must physically inspect the concession to verify its presence prior to cutting to ensure that the eventually logged trees are indeed from the concession in question.

Bioscience 62— Change 42— PLoS One 8e Fieldwork and analysis of satellite imagery supports these findings. Failure to pay for corestal rights. Concessions labeled in our system as Active—not Supervised or Decision Pending encompass: We grouped the logging concessions into key categories based on whether or not they have been supervised and the results of those supervisions Figure 1Table 1.


Acquisition, transformation, or marketing of illegally extracted timber. The role of governance and norms in Peru.

Forests and Wildlife Law 27308 (Peru)

Corruption and illegal logging in Ghana. Subsequently, the US—Peru Trade Promotion Agreement TPAwhich entered into force in Februarycontained an important annex aimed at strengthening Peru’s forest sector governance and sustainable management of forest resources Authorized timber non-cedar in the POA left standing.

We present evidence that Peru’s legal logging concession system, established in the Forestry Law and later reinforced by the US—Peru TPA, is enabling widespread illegal logging.

Failure to present management plans within the established timeframe.

Of the six concessions with mahogany violations, four were documented after Notably, they cited the submission of false or incomplete information in Published online Apr Jenkins3, 4 Melissa A. Ley Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre. To view a copy of this license, visit http: Why policy reforms fail to improve logging practices: Fprestal The authors declare no competing financial interests.