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Extract from the first chapter of the book “El poder de la vida” (The Power of Life) Acquire it here. “Psycho geometry is the study of the human being and his. La Universidad Online de Geometría Sagrada contiene decenas de horas de videos, seminarios y cursos. Aprende acerca de una amplia gama de temas como. Psico Geometría: el estudio de la geometría basado en la psicología infantil. Insegnamentimatematici e libri elementari nella prima metà dell’ Ottocento.

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It has the shape of a toroid; it crosses and covers the entire cellular body. In the same way, we do not hear psicogemetria quantitative differences in the sound wave frequencies, but logarithmic, proportional differences, between its frequencies and expansion which constitute the basis of geometrical spirals. We can prove this Octave Principle in our daily life. Now it is essential that that knowledge link us together.

You may send this item to up to five recipients. With this movement of the spirit, the Vesica Pisces arises.

It is useful for us to get close to the marvelous book of Nature. Kibro Mathematicians have found that the golden ratio is present in three of these five Platonic solids: A surface wave multiconectada multiconectada allows storage of information. This can be found extensively in Nature, in the ramification of the heart and of every living thing. A psicogemoetria of memory is a setting of symbolic representation where lived experiences are kept.

We perceive it according to our range of sensory perception and we make an abstraction to which we psicoegometria meanings which set up our internal conscience background. Suction creates gravity, in addition to the light speed achieved by the non destructive wave arrangement in this toroid. A modern viewpoint of the field theory and the wave mechanics corresponds to the ancient vision of harmony-geometry of the universal order as an intertwined configuration of wave patterns.


Moon in the eighties. The best libor to do this is the reason we call the golden mean. The truth is that in developing this theory in practical applications, the possibilities would be impressive: The sensory universe is objective for it does not depend on any kind of abstraction to exist.

Psicogeometria – Sitio Oficial Geometria Sagrada Arturo Ponce de Leon y Ninon Fregoso

With a ruler and compasses, we can create the golden rectangle. The capacitive load arranged in geometric arrangements based autorrecurrentes phi, creates gravity. We also documented for the first time why the golden ratio of the harmonics of the brain EEG electroencephalogramwhich clinically identified cn happiness and euphoria.

Importantly, to the extent that we move away from 0 and take larger terms, the number phi is refined.

Psico geometria

When a person reaches a high level of perception, he sees things as they are and not jus as he wants them to be. We can call it as we want to: Some cultural manifestations in the Egyptian, Greek, Mayan, Aztec and Arab civilizations are indications of that.

The mind can be compared to the hard disk of a computer – the storage spot of information with its different levels- while the soul refers to the human capacity to re-order multiple pieces of information and create new ones. linro

Building three-dimensionally the patterns of the 5 Platonic solids and the 13 Archimedean solids. However, beyond cultural differences, there have been civilizations that comprehended the deep knowledge of Sacred Geometry and its relation with Nature and the Universe.

For example, it was also used in the construction of the Greek Parthenon.

The Universe and its wisdom have designed ways to preserve and create life which we cannot overlook. As every search focused on researching the mysteries of life, we started this way to know the mystery of the unsaid, of the incommunicable. This can be viewed in various spheres of mirror where the image in each one of them is repeated in all the others. At the atomic level, pwicogeometria implosion is what provides the convergent force necessary to stabilize the rotational wave motion called “mass”.


This starts the compression-from what is done the beating of the heart and begins to sort on self-organization.

For its understanding, we will study this Universe One or Principle of Reality from the perspective of the subject and the object. Your list has reached the maximum number of items. That is to say, everything that we see, touch and feel with our psicoogeometria organs vibrates at different levels of the electromagnetic field, but it is only one electromagnetic field. It studies the link between matter and energy spirit in a harmonic way.

Here is our challenge to see mind among waves as more interesting.

It is the emergence of the apparent duality and the true rise of Geometric Group. The proposal of Psychogeometry involves reconfiguring the subject under the same geometric rules, principles and structures that exist in the Universe One, so as to be one with and communicate harmonically with all the living. Pressure occurs where waves meet. The tetrahedron invites us to place this energy, anchoring it in the earth and thus making all our sexual potential express on earth so as to create greater abundance in the matter and spirit.