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La mas famosa novela de Tom Sharpe, en la que el autor no deja titere con cabeza. El protagonista, Henry Wilt, encadenado a un empleo demencial como. Reseña de Wilt, novela de humor británico a cargo de Tom Sharpe. Primera parte de una saga de cinco libros. Valoración: Ovación. Tom Sharpe w hat he w ould do if he w as appointed M inister of Education or, better still, Prim It’s as m uch as I can do to get him to take the dog for a w alk.

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Bewildered as ever, Henry grasps for some sanity in his upside down world, and the only solution the beleaguered Department Head can come up with is to fall madly in love with the coed renting the apartment upstairs. Primer libro de la serie dedicada a las desventuras de Wilt. Wodehouse and Waugh, great humorists like him”.

The result is one hell of a comedic novel. Lo que nos cuenta.

De onzin van de uitwassen rond de vrouwelijke drang tot emancipatie die toen zelfs manifest werden in een voorheen deftige krant als de NRC worden nog eens in hun volle omvang in de herinnering geroepen. Henry Wilt is in a rut.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Met het verstrijken van de tijd is dat nu niet meer vol te houden.

Its success let to the author writing several sequels. WILT is a remarkably fun read, and enthusiastically recommended. In my opinion in terms of humour I found Wilt alternative more funny than Wilt, weather that is just down to the fact I get Tom sharpe humour more wil or fact it was just genrally more funny to me I don’t know.

It and its sequel made me laugh out loud, as ton other Sharpe books, and it’s good to see it’s taking on new life. Much of the book is laugh out loud humour.

Tom Sharpe’s Wilt stays in Catalonia

Sep 28, Michael rated it really liked it. This followed by the bad news that his wife Eva wilt has rented the attic out at top of house to a irmgrad muller or gurdan schautz if you like, who turns out to be one of Britain most dangerous terriosts. One of the funniest books I ever read. His home life isn’t much better. Ik weet het niet.


Wilt (novel) – Wikipedia

For the moment, she does not care to speculate on what city may be home to the foundation, but she plans to meet with ligro mayor of Palafrugell on Monday.

Hay veces que los mejores libros son de los que no esperas nada. Tom Sharpe was a masterful writer. A tour de farce.

Hoewel de tijd waarin Wilt zich afspeelt lichtjaren voorbij lijkt blijft het boek overiend, door de manier waarop ermee wordt omgesprongen. Sharpe’s prose is exceedingly clever, articulate, witty–biting. Oddly, the BBC rendition, much like their Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, was surprisingly unfunny although faithful in both cases to the material.

Wenn Sharpe von “Fleisch 1” oder “Gas 3” berichtet, sieht man die Schulklasse Triebhaft komisch, satirisch, ab und an ein wenig zynisch und das alles Zuhause und an der Berufsschule.

Tom Sharpe’s Wilt stays in Catalonia | In English | EL PAÍS

Dec 02, Dante rated it it was amazing. Henry Wilt, el doctor Board y el inspector Flint. Trivia About Wilt Wilt, 1. Henry Wilt, tied to a daft job and a domineering wife, has just been passed over for promotion yet again.

But ssharpe is only when Wilt becomes the unintentional participant in a terrorist siege that he is forced to find an answer to the problems of power, which have corrupted greater men than he. Jan 08, pinknantucket rated it liked it Shelves: Quite the contrary it is her husband, Henry who comes across as the victim. Aug 04, Johan otm it really liked it. Retrieved from ” https: If you run across a copy, either online or at your favorite lirbo bookstore, by all means grab! I imagine if Don DeLillo wrote a comedy it would turn out a lot like this.

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The Wilt Alternative

Open Preview See a Problem? Among other things I was entirely unprepared for the revolution in sexual mores going on in the world entirely without me. Filled with the usual Sharpe wit his readers have come to expect, this 2nd Wilt entry will make you laugh out loud at turns and cheer the stalwart Eva on.

Inspector Flint retreated behind the sofa. Books with missing cover. Eva stalks out in stratospheric dudgeon, and Wilt, under the inspiration of gin, puts one of his more vindictive fantasies into effect. This book was uproariously hilarious!

Tom Sharpe comedy capers are brilliant. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

He conjured up some great characters. Anything I say about the actual book will spoil it, so I can’t comment much on that front, other than to say if you want to read something funny, something that will occassionally even make you quite literally laugh, or at the very least chuckle, out loud His wife Eva is a large, slightly dim, enthusiastically active woman with constantly changing self-improvement plans.

The same applies to his family house in Sunderland; and I don’t know if there is anything from the South Africa period. Aug 27, Huw Evans rated it it was amazing Shelves: The story starts off with Wilt self loathing himself in beer after discovering a teacher in his depatment had made a student make love to toy crocodile. These scenes are a masterclass in comedic writing and are among the best written comedy I have ever read. I have yet to erase the image of Wilt impersonating the People’s Alternative Army.

Don’t make the mistake of reading this book in public.