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National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) is a list of medicines Under the provisions of DPCO , prices of the drugs in NLEM. Drug Price Control Order & case study of costing two pharmaceutical formulation. DPCO The government has notified the DPCO under NLEM (National List of Essential Medicines) Formulations with. in ceiling prices of drugs under NLEM under Para 19 of the DPCO bring more medical devices under the National List of Essential Medicines ( NLEM).

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More from this Author. As per dfugs calculations only a little over one fourth of packs selling on the market will need to revise their prices downwards because they were originally priced higher than the notified price. The same thinking could have been applied to discourage irrational and unscientific medicines outside the NLEM.

We request the Government and Lits to strongly defend its stand and also consider the actions suggested by us to promote public health.

This page was first created on 5 Octoberat Facility for submitting application for price fixation of new drug is also available. Thus the recent notifications were necessary to cover more of the strengths of medicines than that are listed on the NLEM.

Providing a longer term stable policy environment for the pharmaceutical sector; c. The Lisst has, therefore, approved taking up the matter with the Department of Pharmaceuticals for further appropriate action.

Maithili Bandarkar 03 Apr The NPPP, envisages regulation of the prices of formulations onlyidentified on the basis of essentiality of drugs. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Punit Bhatia 18 Jul Medicine prices fixed by NPPA may be seen here. Here again the same phenomenon of overcharging remains. The DPCO replaced the DPCO which included only 74 bulk drugs within its ambit to regulate their lf and the pricing of such drugs were fixed on the basis of manufacturing costs declared by the drug manufacturers.

This is very beneficiary to all patients that taking daily life saving medicine. IMS Health, which began tracking and reporting on branded generics indefines the category as including prescription “products that are either novel dosage forms of off-patent products produced by a manufacturer that is not the originator of the molecule, or a molecule copy of an off-patent product with a trade name.


All these point to the complexities involved in regulation of pharma pricing. Witnessing such outrageous response from undrr industry, dpoc Government realized that the implementation of such internal guidelines formulated by the NPPA in pursuance 201 the powers conferred to it under Paragraph 19 of Lixt, is extremely harsh pressure on the Pharmaceutical Industry and its players as it adversely disturbed and get in the way of the smooth operation of the industry.

It also has powers to revise either increase or decrease the ceiling price or retail price of the drug which is already fixed and notified, irrespective of annual wholesale price index for that year based on which companies are automatically permitted under DPCO to revise the prices annually [6].

Drug Price Control Orders (DPCO)

It would have made sense to have the ceiling price of a medicine formulation tied directly to the related bulk medicine price increase during the year. K Mohan 31 May Member Level: The WAP idea means that it will end up legitimising high prices, especially if the top three brands are overpriced: In medicines, unlike say soaps or cars, the brand leader is also the price leader.

Food, Drugs, Healthcare, Life Sciences. The listed drugs may come under DPCO and there price will reduced to minimum cost for patients of India. However, to get a retail pharmacist to stock these low-priced generics is easier said than done …. Recovery from such instances is detailed in the Annual Reports of Department of Pharmaceuticals.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to contact us using the Contact link below. The present WAP procedure will make the ceiling price 20 to 70 times the fo procurement price — which is a little rich. We also note that the notifications have not included fixed dose combinations in the cardiovascular rrugs diabetes therapeutic categories dpcoo the sales of many combinations exceed those of the single molecule medicines. The government should have kept the option of price control on bulk medicines in the event of cartelisation or abnormal increases in price of bulk medicines.

The latter may result in the scarcity of a particular essential medicine formulation unless it is already overpriced relative to the cost of the bulk medicine used. The kit should very economical to maintain as needed every time at home.


The adverse effect may be the known or dpcoo. Do not include your name, “with regards” etc in the comment. No HTML formatting and links to other web sites are allowed.

List of Drugs that may come under Drug Price Control Order ( DPCO )

Click here to register your Interest. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Making essential drugs accessible at affordable prices to the common masses; b.

In para 6 thereof, it is mentioned that the 3 Department of Pharmaceuticals is examining all the possibilities of control and monitoring of prices of medicines including those covered under the NLEM, An internal guideline issued on In India, medicines are unnecessarily exorbitantly costly. All the previous DPCOs, and were based on cost to manufacturers with allowance for post manufacturing expenses. Limiting all price regulation only to a list of medicines and specified dosages and strengths in the DPCO goes against the policy objective of making medicines affordable to the public.

Privacy policy About Arthapedia Disclaimers Website developed by csipl. Paragraph 2 of that memorandum reads thus: In the past, despite its attention being drawn to the profiteering in medicines not listed in the DPCO, the government had looked the other way.

Most retailers will give only a strip of 10, even when one needs a couple of tablets only. With these orders, the prices of drugs were frozen w.

Essential medicines are among the most costeffective elements in modern health care and their potential health impact is remarkable. Industry has challenged the legality of fixing the prices of the 50 medicines under Paragraph 19 of the DPCO when in fact the Government has in successive drug price control orders always retained the power to intervene in prices in the public interest in the light of evidence of lsit.