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Title, Lo Bueno de verdad. Author, Virginie Despentes. Publisher, Anagrama, ISBN, , Length, pages. Subjects. Fiction . Lo Bueno de Verdad by Virginie Despentes. (Paperback ). Available now at – ISBN: – Paperback – Anagrama – – Book Condition: Used: Good – 1ST.

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I like Despentes’ directness, anger, and energy. Diremos que de lo que tienen ganas, realmente, es de follar entre ellos.

Todo lo veddad no deja huella. Open Preview See a Problem? Lo que me da rabia no es lo que los hombres hacen o son, sino lo que quieren impedirme que haga o lo que quieren obligarme a hacer. Como en La Bella durmiente del bosque, se tumba sobre la princesa y llo hace ver las estrellas.

There are cultural differences between Anglo-Saxons and French in gender relations, not in ways that make one better than the other, just different. Then she makes boring observations that have always been obvious to me.

She writes of the damage it did to her but also of her refusal to let it define her verdzd existence although, in fact, it has, as the very fact of virginir ‘Baise-Moi’ testifies.

They are the vast mass of the population on the one hand, including men themselves, and those women engaged in complex patterns of prostitution at multiple levels including those that turn allegedly respectable women into agents of oppression against their own sex.

Yo hablo como proletaria de la feminidad. She explodes common attitudes about sex and gender, and shows how modern beauty myths are ripe for rebelling against.

How Legalizing Prostitution Has Failed? Y no lo expone por voyerista, sino para teorizar respecto de los roles culturales asignados a hombres y mujeres. buemo

King Kong Theorie by Virginie Despentes

Es posible incluso que no exista. Despentes, on the other hand, isn’t trying to moderate her vocabulary to fit what is and isn’t deemed acceptable; she doesn’t give a shit. Que no me vengan a contar que las cosas han evolucionado tanto y que ya no es lo que era. No soy dulce no soy amable no soy una pija.


I’m familiar enough with the psychoanalytical perspective to know that taking it seriously is foolish because it has no basis in science – introspection and individual case studies are no substitutes for rationalism and empiricism, and when any of its claims were subjected to scientific investigations, they were proven wrong.

Tiene una entrevista muy completa en feminicidio. Lo que yo he soportado por ser mujer escritora es el doble de lo que un hombre soporta. Gustar a los hombres es un arte complicado, que exige que borremos todo aquello que tiene que ver con el dominio de la potencia. TinyLetter Twitter Instagram Tumblr Cosas de la vida. I spotted a variety of fallacies throughout this book, but this particular kind – expecting the reader not to understand what she’s talking about and using the assumption to back up her claims – has always been the most enraging to me.

Ahora, la falta de estrellas: Despentes habla de su experiencia y de lo que penso again, cosa que ni puedo ni quiero juzgar, porque una vivencia individual no engloba a una realidad colectiva y porque son experiencias de cada quien y en un momento afirma: Entdecken Sie jetzt alle Amazon Prime-Vorteile.

Su rabia es su motor. Una mujer con estilo de puta le interesa a casi todo el mundo. Welche anderen Artikel kaufen Kunden, nachdem sie diesen Artikel angesehen haben?

Casi era mejor antes. The exchange of bodily fluids or physical touch is merely one form amongst many. Virgine Despentes escribe la raja.

En un tercer apartado, Despentes aborda el porno. English edition MacLehose Press Editions. Almost no statistics, and zero scientific studies – instead she expected me to accept little more than her anecdotal evidence, pop culture and “common sense,” and worst of all, choice snippets of psychosexual jargon-laden psychoanalysis “theories.

A eso nos reduce ese trabajo, no somos personas, no tenemos un cuerpo las putas porque un cuerpo es un todo.


Nothing here feels disingenuous or inauthentic, and I realised when reading it that this was part of my problem with the book I read directly before it, Why I am Not a Feminist. So this book, despite its flaws, is strongly recommended if only for creating a tough feminist framework which intelligent men can relate to.

Y de una forma no particularmente femenina, lo confirmo, pero por casualidad, de una manera verrdad eficaz. Most of her discussions open with virginis own experiencees. Despebtes how can males fully understand the wrong in the abstract when the two sexes are kept so separated and placed in relations that discourage normal, negotiated sex between equals or even with benefits exchanged where situations are not equal.

Geld verdienen mit Amazon. Virginie Despentes es una formidable DJ, con sentido del ritmo y de las secuencias, y atrevida con las mezclas.

Lo Bueno de Verdad Spanish Edition, Virginie Despentes. (Paperback )

Una mujer que realiza un trabajo sexual no es una mujer sino una boca, una vagina y un ano. No soy una bestia a tiempo completo. The tradable value of good-looking women is accommodated by business and elite politics. Tengo despetnes de hormonas que me causan estallidos de agresividad.

Me ha sabido a poco. Important piece of feminism. Attempts to restrict the sexuality of the ‘ordinary’ as attempts to diminish ‘ordinary sexuality’ through contempt or shame is matched by an environment in which beauty and sexuality is spread across our media and in our streets as a means of ‘selling’ goods and services.

King Kong Theorie

Estamos formateadas para evitar entrar en contacto con nuestro propio lado salvaje. But her strongest passages are on rape where virvinie speaks from experience.

It’s the same thing for being a woman: Sin atajos ni excusas.