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Within a year, Lolly Willowes had become the talk of the town. Today, Townsend Warner holds her place in this series as a proto-feminist who is. Sylvia Townsend Warner’s novel Lolly Willowes is an act of defiance that gladdens the soul. Put simply, it’s the story of a woman who. Sylvia Townsend Warner’s first novel (published in ) begins with year-old Lolly Willowes being sent, “as if she were a piece of family.

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The best novels: No 52 – Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner () | Books | The Guardian

She was friendly with a number of the “Bright Young Things” of the s. Only once does she cast her plight in terms of political anger: On publication Lolly Willowes did well with the London critical establishment, but made a special hit in France shortlisted for the Prix Femina and the US, where it was selected as an inaugural Book-of-the-Month title for the newly launched book club. Loading comments… Trouble loading? It sounded like everything I love.

Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner – review

Lovely to be with people who prefer their thoughts to yours, lovely to live at your own sweet will, lovely to sleep out at night!

Lol,y all 28 comments. Lolly Willowes, by Sylvia Townsend Warner. Reread this for a September Reading Genres book club meeting devoted to “Debut” books.

Warner went on to have a long and resp In April ofa fledgling Book of the Month Club announced its first ever selection, Lolly Willowes. For her too Great Mop would be a place like any other place, a pastoral landscape where an aunt walked out with her nephew. For example, why does everyone seem to stay up so late at night?

When Laura was ten years older she would be nut-crackerish. She comes to dislike being called “Aunt Lolly” and to see the name as a symbol of her lack of independence. I don’t really see what a …more It’s totally clean and non-violent but as Jess says, the writing is sophisticated and much of it a youngster might miss. The premise sounds dark, but the language is limber and carefully sensual. She, as the maiden aunt, is endlessly useful.

In Warner met T. Perhaps the strongest survivors were the women who had worked in the factories and found themselves with extra money, more freedom, and a yearning for more rights. I really found it to be a feminist masterpiece, but the writing may be a bit too much for ,olly younger child. Now, Lolly Willowes did have some variation to its name, but when one begins willowds family lineage and ends with bantering dialogue and leaves little to gnaw upon between the two, it all comes off as very English.


This trade paper was set in Trump Mediaeval, with an elegant frontpiece.

The wind routed through the woods. She began to feel wiloowes, exposed to the possibility of an overwhelming terror.

Oct 20, JacquiWine rated it really liked it. Feb 19, Janet rated it it was amazing. But while her body sat before the first fires and was cosy with Henry and Caroline, her mind walked by lonely seaboards, in marshes and fens, or came at nightfall to the edge of a wood.

Laura wiloowes becomes aware of a darker power surrounding her. Why must a woman imagine herself an agent of the embodiment of all evil only so she can take long walks and refuse to fetch and carry for others and not feel bad about any of it?

Lolly Willowes

And I like when Lolly had had enough of her lawyer brother, Henry: Warner is one of the outstanding and indispensable mavericks of twentieth-century literature, a writer to set beside Djuna Barnes and Jane Bowles, with a subversive genius that anticipates the fantastic flights of such contemporaries as Angela Carter and Jeanette Winterson. This is the point in the book where Mitchell would bring out the zap guns.

When shopping for flowers on the Moscow Road, Laura decides she wishes to move to the Chiltern Hills and, buying a guide book and map to the area, she picks the village of Great Mop as her new home. She ceased to triumph mentally over her tyrants, and rallied herself no longer with the consciousness that she had outraged them by coming to live at Great Mop. The military is the first place that comes to mind. I wish I could write in such a way as to convey the rhythms and flavor of Lolly Willoweswhich is only one of the things I fell in love with while reading this book.

But after twenty dutiful years, Laura succumbs to the lure of nature and, to the horror and puzzlement of her family, moves to the village of Great Mop in the Chiltern Hills, chosen from a guidebook. Retrieved from ” https: If she were to start forgiving she must needs forgive Society, the Law, the Church, the History of Europe, the Old Testament, great-great-aunt Salome and her prayer book, the Bank of England, Prostitution, the Architect of Apsley Terrace, and half a dozen other useful props of civilisation.


I guess the following quote also alludes to the fact that Lolly was missing something in her life: While the story starts out in fairly conventional territory, about halfway th 4.

Born into a stuffy, self-satisfied family who are content to stay in the Victorian era while the world changes around them, Laura Willowes is a dreamy young woman with no interest in marriage. The titular Lolly is a spinster, living with her pleasant but frustrating family. Oh, and I also want to move to a tiny cottage in the woods in England. This is not a sort of compelling, lol,y read but every time I decided to sit down with it, I w Wow!

I can only imagine how this book must have seemed revolutionary in when it was published. Her first major success was the novel Lolly Willowes.

When I read Lolly WillowesI was enchanted by the delicacy and humor of Sylvia Townsend Warner’s prose, and I felt a kinship with the Lolly, a woman who refuses to recede into the background and lead a conventional life. It arose out of the ground with the smell of the dead leaves: He always, unerringly, puts other people first. Essays on Fantastic Literature. The recruiting posters have bleached. Read it Forward Read it first. They had already journeyed back to London to buy an eiderdown loll the bed in the small spare-room.

Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner – review | Books | The Guardian

They had polly journe Laura Willowes was a much loved daughter, she grew up happily in the country, and she became the kind of countrywoman whose life moved with the rhythms of nature in the way that lives had for generations. Since he had come to Great Mop she had not been allowed to love in her own way. It struck me so hard that I almost wept.