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Rich Dad advisor Garrett Sutton talks about the loopholes of real estate investing, discussing financial tax and legal advantages of investing in. Investing in real estate is as easy as understanding the tax code and personal- injury law, according to this informative but daunting primer, part. Whether you’re buying your first home, or adding another multi-unit apartment complex to your vast real estate portfolio, Garrett Sutton’s book is.

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I will certainly reply and I may even cover it on the show.


Crisply told and featuring real suhton illustrative stories, Writing Winning Business Plans discusses all the key elements for a successful plan. If there is a claim against the property, the LLC which is on the title is entitled to coverage. For instance, you might become an expert in buying, holding, and renting small, one and two-bedroom apartment buildings in a particular area of town.

There are always deals to be found, you just have to know where to look and how to invest. That land trust has to be owned by an LLC for you to have the protection.

He has assisted real estate investors and entrepreneurs in etate their assets and maximizing their financial goals through his two companies, Corporate Direct and Sutton Law Center. We do want to get it into the name of the LLC as soon as possible. This book answers those questions.


This is a whole subject in itself. No trivia or quizzes yet. Found at the end of every chapter, are sections that detail the viable loopholes related to the information included in the chapter. Everyone interested in real estate investing should read it. You get the bug and you want to keep buying. You can take the title in your name the way the bank wants it and then transfer title either that day or several days after into the name of the LLC.

Loopholes of Real Estate

You can subscribe to the articles. We were talking about limited partnerships. It came across as a sales pitch for the first half. That you need to form a Corporation before investing in Real-Estate and get a hefty Insurance policy. Lots of good advice.

Insurance is the first line of defense. We can also invest in real garreft to our benefit. Connect with us on Instagram! We could spend another episode talking about the taxation and migration in and out of California. Your email address will not be published. Sep 17, Ren rated it really liked it.

Loopholes of Real Estate (Audiobook) by Garrett Sutton, Robert Kiyosaki (foreword) |

Brian H Murray Narrated by: From the legal side, there are real estate loopholes that need to be closed. Today, we are all aware that a home can be a liability.


Be the first to discover new talent! This should be the first thing you read about real estate investing, and Sutton provides numerous references for more in-depth discussions of certain topics. There are ways to deal with it. Sutton therefore explores another suite of legal loopholes for sheltering assets from court judgments, including insurance, limited liability corporations that distance owners from their wealth, and the tactic of loading properties with debt so they are less tempting targets for plaintiffs.


Loopholes Of Real Estate Investing with Garrett Sutton

More from the same Author Rich Dad Advisors: As is typical for Rich Dad Advisor books you can’t read this book and know everything you’ll need to know. Dec 16, Preston rated it really liked it. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Borrow money, defer taxes, use equity to grow your real estate portfolio, hope you’re not over leveraged in a crash. Lying in court is not a good thing.

Knowing that, we have to take steps to protect our assets. As you grow your wealth you must protect it. Very Good, Very Lucid.