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CHAPTER I STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS The Work as a Whole Ludus Tonal is is a composite work consisting of twelve three-voice fugues linked by eleven. b – Paul Hindemith – Ludus Tonalis [4], Interlude IV a – J. S. Bach – W. Kl. This study proposes to analyze the main. elements of correlation. Thesis (D. Mus. Arts)–University of Washington, Ludus Tonalis, composed , is one of the best piano works by Hindemith. Although it is not treated as.

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Third-above and second-above relationships 31 prevail in modulatory areas Example The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format.

Ludus Tonal is is the master work of his relatively small output for piano, which includes a suite for pianothree sonatasa piano deetand a sonata for two pianos Just as Hindemith has allowed the performer considerable latitude in matters of phrasing and dynamics, so has he often left the matter of touch and articulation open to varying interpretations. At most they require some careful, slow counting procedures, as he tends to interpolate thirty-second and sixty-fourth notes, especially on the off-beat, between eighth or quarter notes 53 in one voice as follows; Ex.

The infrequent changes anaoysis individual dynamic markings leave the music open to a terraced interpretation, where a specific level is maintained over a certain period of time. The highly individual approaches to the solutions of these physical problems are as diverse as they are plentiful and.

Full text of “A Study of Paul Hindemith’s Ludus Tonalis ()”

In interlude No, 11, meas. However, he sympathized with and indulged in some of the expressionistic tendencies of the day. Hindemith did not completely revamp his style tonails writing for the masses; he merely simplified it.


Stefan Olof Sylvander Find more information about: Your request to send this item has been completed. In Example 25, the circled notes could have a slightly longer than notated duration and thus create an intensified awareness of the melodic structure. They attempted to exemplify not the composer’s own feelings but stereotyped affections or states of emotion through the aanlysis of standard musical idioms.

This potential for development is directly affected by the mechanics of analyssis exposition, that is, the means by which the composer architecturally orders the entire exposition.

Harmonic Materials of Modern Music. The entire Postludium is the retrograde inversion of the Praeludium. It will also bring the listener’s attention to the similar motivic elements on which the entire section is based. Extension Reiteration of subject on the subdominant and tonic. The result is an open-ended phrase structure in which the phrase units are unequal links in the larger chain of patterns. However, fifth-above relationships can be found, as in Fugue No.

An analysis of the twelve fugues of Ludus Tonalis by Paul Hindemith

This presents a slight discrepancy with Tischler p. He avoids the tone clusters and fonalis of other twentieth- century composers, simply because a large part of the L. Remember me on this computer.

These passages should be practiced playing with two hands in order to become more aware of the two separate voices. This gives the music a moving, changing cyclical nature while retaining the closed-ended symmetrical qnalysis which give it a logical pattern connection.

I cannot give analyses of my works because I don’t know how to explain a piece of music in a few words I would rather write a new one analhsis the time.

The complete tonic triad is the tobalis final chord, and it occurs ten times out of a possible twenty-five. The pedal should not be depressed until after the second 16th.


Perhaps Hindemith’s greatest musical contributions were his championing of amateur music, tonal triadic harmony, German folk lusus, classical forms, and his work as a teacher and practicing musician. Hindemith also uses these and other contrapuntal techniques in less systematic ways for expanding his material.

An analysis of the twelve fugues of Ludus Tonalis by Paul Hindemith (Book, ) []

The basis for the harmonic writing in the L. Although these terms are not universally accepted or applicable to fugues of the Baroque or later, they have been adapted in preference to yet another ad hoc formulation of formal terminologies tonallis the special purposes of this essay. For people with ears my things are perfectly easy to.

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Hindemith’s melodic writing, which is often based on tone repetition and quartal patterns rather than triad outlines, usually defines a tonal centre. Therefore, it is directed especially to those readers who seek further insights into performance of the L.

However, it must retain an underlying regular pulse so that the rhythmic variety which Hindemith wrote in can be clearly heard, Hindemith’s rhythms do not present a great problem in performing the L udus Tonal is. With the death of Reger in and the decreasing interest in the music of Richard Strauss and Hans Pfitzner, the German people Hhe ludhs source for biographical information in this essay is Ian Kemp’s Hindemjth London: