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Japanese Riichi Yaku List Hand Composition Yaku All Simples – Tanyao – (1) • Hand must not contain terminals, or 1’s or 9’s Triplet of Dragons, Round Wind. Yaku are hand patterns and/or luck situations in rīchi mahjong. To win a hand, besides it being a complete hand, it must have at least one scoring element. Mahjong on selfdraw (Tsumo). A player who has at least one yaku, can always declare mahjong, even if he is furiten. Riichi. Waiting on a concealed hand.

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Players must finish hands before others do; and each yaku has specific values attached to them to determine payment amounts. Houtei raoyui means “to scoop up a swimming fish from the riverbed. Japanese-language versionNovember 20, The tiles for the three triplets or quads must all be self-drawn in order to count.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. A hand containing only green tiles.

This hand has two sets of ” iipeikou “. Any hand that follows this pattern using pinzu: A mahjng says that players can win on other players’ first discard and thus some players can go out after the first draw, and another says that players must win on the dealer’s first discard. When all four players successfully declare ready, a hand ends as an abortive draw.

The yaku are comparable to “poker hands”. Mahhjong hand contains tiles from one suit and honors. Some of the yaku require that there isn’t an interruption, meaning that there are no called tiles nor are there any declarations of a kanincluding a closed a kanin a specific go-around.


They both lose one han when they are open. Japanese-language manjongOctober 12, One set of identical sequences, and another set that can match the first. As there are varieties of rules, this hand can be closed only.

Japanese Mahjong – Flash Game

Furthermore, the yaku s listed in above sections and any dora s no longer apply. Views Read View source View history. Depending on rules, the hand needs or does not need other yaku. Since no interruptions are allowed, all of these hands must be closed. All yaku mahjonf be divided into seven basic categories, depending on the dominant feature.

Example hands are given, but they are often not the only possible hands with that yaku. Daichikurin for souzu and Daisuurin for manzu.

Regardless of the value of yakk extra tile, this is always yak standard mahjong hand of four melds and a pair, as shown in the animation below. If a non-dealer is dealt 13 tiles that are one tile away from completing a hand, and then draws the fourteenth tile from the wall to complete it on the first draw when no open-meld declaration has been made, the hand is given yakuman points.

Mahjlng, the optional yaku here are those commonly used. Instead, they are the main factor to determine hand values. A hand with three number triplets or quads in one suit with successive numbers.

Japanese-language versionJuly 2, This mahkong was last modified on 2 Septemberat When players declare ready and win, they can have access to underneath dora indicator tiles. This hand is composed of four groups of closed triplets.


The seven pairs yaku is not counted in this case, because this yaku is actually composed of sequential melds, rather than pairs. If player B waits to win by having a of dots left, they can win on that 6. English equivalent names are given for easier understanding of the yaku that aren’t said often in the anime, and for communicating these yaku to others when playing other variations of mahjong.

List of yaku

When a player has a closed hand and draws a winning tile from the wall or the dead wall, one han is added including when the hand previously had no yaku. When a winning tile of a closed hand is a discard, the meld including that discard is considered open, while the hand uaku still regarded as closed.

Honitsu – Junchantaiyao – Ryanpeikou.

If a riichi discard is called to win at the time, the declaration is mshjong incomplete and therefore the riichi deposit is not forfeited. The player owes no penalty if other players make open melds or closed quads after the declaration that prevents the player from drawing another tile.

Each yaku is worth two han, regardless of whether the hand is closed or open.

Japanese-language versionApril 4, A closed hand contains no called tiles, however, taking the winning tile from another player’s discard is acceptable. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

The conditions of the hand depend on rules.