How to hide a razor under your tongue?

  1. You must ensure that the razor blade has a flat surface and faces forward and backward. 2. Make sure that the sides with the non-razor side are facing the sides.
  2. After carefully inserting the razor into your mouth, hold the non-razor side between your teeth to ensure that the sharp edges face forward and back.
  3. To avoid puncturing your tongue, keep it under the razor.

Keep your teeth tightly gripped on the non-sharp edge of the razor to prevent it from moving.

If you have lots of hair, it is a good idea not to expose the blade.

How can you conceal a razor blade inside your mouth?

To be honest, there are not many hiding spots in the mouth. Although I don’t know of any cases in which blades were found in mouths of people, it is possible to hide one.

Research shows that the best place to search for a razor blade inside a prisoner is under the tongue.

On the other hand, the blade would need to be a half-blade with one edge being sharp. It is likely that the prisoner covered the blade with something to stop it from cutting his tongue.

For a few seconds, make the prisoner hold his tongue out.

It is a great way to get started by placing the tip of the tongue in the middle of a 2×2 square of sterile gauze. Next, lift and pull the tongue to one end while the prisoner opens his mouth widest possible.

This gives you a clear view to the underside half of your tongue.

The patient’s cheekbone and upper back teeth could also be a hiding place for the blade. To complete the task, make sure the prisoner has his lower teeth pressed together. Then slide his jaw to the right to finish the task.

If the space is sufficiently open, this may be a way to feel the back right corner of the body with a gloved hand.

This is a great thing that wasn’t in the instructions. If your job involves searching for convicts, I am amazed. You should talk to your CO about this.


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