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Alejandro Magno / Alexander the Great: Conquistador del mundo / The World Conqueror by Robin Lane Fox at – ISBN – ISBN . Buy Alejandro Magno / Alexander the Great: Conquistador del mundo / The World Conqueror Translation by Robin Lane Fox, Maite Solana Mir (ISBN. Enjoying this preview? Become a member to read the full title. Join today and read free for 30 days. Need help? Start Your Free Trial. Lane Fox Robin.

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Despite this, Lane Fox does his best to try to separate the wheat from the chaff in order to produce a plausible biography of one of the world’s military and political geniuses.

When Alexander met Roxanne, he immediately fell in love with her, He eventually got married to her. It’s the more important because the impression I get from the book is absolutely that Alexander was bisexual, not homosexual putting aside the fact that the ancient world didn’t have those categories — perhaps more oriented towards sexual attachments to women and romantic attachments to men.

My only criticism is Fox’s description of Alexander’s battle strategy, which I found to be a mistake. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He is the father of the internet entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox, the founder of Lastminute.

Now to follow it up with Ghost on the Throne: The fruit of years of research, this book dives into mountains of archeological research to portray this young conqueror of the known world who died too young to see his empire survive even a single generation. The surprising and touching thing is that while Hephaistion doesn’t appear very much in the book, not least as in admitting that even Alexander’s personality is something to be searched for, it can make even fewer pronouncements about what the man he loved was like, you still get a sense of how utterly essential he was to Alexander, how trusted and depended upon, and how much the love that ran between them was a solid bedrock that couldn’t be touched by any other passions Alexander might have.


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Alexander the Great by Robin Lane Fox

This is a comprehensive read, and I believe that all those who are interested in Alexander or those who would want to know more about him would enjoy this rohin. We can almost feel we are there on those dusty plains with Alexander charging on vel famous horse Bucephalus, the steady march of the infantry with their porcupine formations, and the utter disbelief of the the Persian king Darius as he needs to turn his golden chariot around and flee the battlefield.

But very boring in parts. It hardly matters in the modern land of the internet though and I found I wanted to constantly look up and find other sources amid the mountain of new facts I was discovering! Jun 09, David K.

About Robin Lane Fox. Bonaparte never shed tears of remorse for those who died in his cause, and was in every point of comparison a far lesser man than Alexander. Whatever else he was, Alexander was probably the greatest conqueror, general and explorer in history – to do all he did by the age of 32 is astonishing.

His books include The Classical World: It is highly readable, and a great robun. As Alexander advanced deeper and deeper into Persian territory, however, he found himself ruling over non-Greeks and came to see himself as their king, too, a successor to the Persian kings. Open Preview See a Problem?

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

He had been a historical advisor for Oliver Stone’s film Alexander and had participated in the scenes portraying cavalry engagements. Oct amgno, ActionScientist rated it it was amazing. They are not related to, and should not be confused with Robin Fox, anthropologist, and his daughter Kate Fox, social anthropologist. A third one I read was about the first Punic War. Constantly the authors breath and depth of knowledge shines through and his strong intention to be impartial to the opposing sides bearing in mind only Greek derived sources exist.

When we get into the ‘revenge’ that Macedons and Greeks need to pa Robin Lane Fox has the very rare talent of epic storyteller, yet combined with a lifetime of dedication to historical studies. This book is not for the casually interested however.


Lane Fox, Robin. Alejandro Magno. Conquistador Del Mundo [2015]

Oct 22, Rohit Varma rated it really liked it. I would certainly welcome suggestions of such in the comments to this review. A moving tale and incredibly factual, it is the best book I have ever found about this incredible figure in history.

In another way Alexander laid the foundations for another conqueror, Rome, to come and take over, which mujdo turn laid the foundations for the spread of Christianity.

It is very hard to have known the Persians without loving alejjandro, which I think he did. Alexander has always been a fascinating figure to me.

Alexander the Great

The best account of Alexander. Fox’s Alexander is so well written, so well illustrated with maps of battles and so well contextualized that I cannot imagine a better biography being written of Alexander without new discoveries in historical texts and archaeology that would throw fresh light on the exploits of him and his Macedonians.

Truth and Fiction in the BibleTravelling Heroes: His success put on display kundo combination of tactical and strategic genius, bold risk taking and the ability to command the loyalty of his troops.

In alejando words, he wanted to unite and rule the world, but his plans were stymied by an untimely death. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Robin Lane Fox has the very rare talent of epic storyteller, yet combined with a lifetime of dedication to historical studies. Phillip of Macedon, Alexander’s father, had united Greece, but was assassinated. This backg Not your average biography. In doing so, Greek became the lingua franca of the region, and resulted in the New Testament being written in the language.

We were lucky to have landed in such a place to work for the next 10 years.