How To Make A Heart Out Of A Gum Wrapper

An easy origami heart made from a gum wrapper These are the steps you need to make one. You will end up with a simple, cute decor. These can be used as bookmarks or in electronic cases. You could also make them into a small gift. Stock Aluminum foil gum wrapper Step 1: Get some […]

How To Hide Razor Under Tongue

How to hide a razor under your tongue? You must ensure that the razor blade has a flat surface and faces forward and backward. 2. Make sure that the sides with the non-razor side are facing the sides. After carefully inserting the razor into your mouth, hold the non-razor side between your teeth to ensure […]

He Picked Me Up And Turned Me Around Lyrics

I Thank God Wandering into the night Wanting a place to hide This weary soul, this bag of bones And I tried with all my mind And I just can’t win the fight I’m slowly drifting, oh vagabond And just when I ran out of road I met a man I didn’t know And he […]

All Glory Be To Christ Lyrics

ALL GLORY BE TO CHRIST! LYRICS Verse 1Should nothing of our efforts standNo legacy surviveUnless the Lord does raise the houseIn vain its builders striveTo you who boast tomorrow’s gainTell me what is your lifeA mist that vanishes at dawnAll glory be to Christ! ChorusAll glory be to Christ our King!All glory be to Christ!His […]