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Lastly, Paul will show that keeping in step with the Spirit is not self-‐focused . As J.I. Packer notes, “To be right with God the judge is a great. J. I. Packer’s Keep in Step with the Spirit focuses on the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Now in its second edition, this book is not merely a theological. In this new edition of his classic Keep in Step with the Spirit, J. I. Packer seeks to help Christians reaffirm the biblical call to holiness and the Spirit’s role in.

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Want to Read saving…. As I read this book, I realized I had based my view on the Holy Spirit mostly on experiences, not on biblical truth.

It is considered a classic, however the 2nd edition makes it completely relevant to the church today. Awesome read, very challenging, very honest and true to the Word of Slirit. Instead, it follows this four-stage sequence.

What ought we to say about their emphasis? A necessary tonic for the rampant Keswick quietism that rules the day in evangelicalism. Parts of this were amazing, but many other parts shep it were too vague and possibly unhelpful. Holiness is consecrated closeness to God.

Leads is rightly taken to mean “guides”, but the guidance in view here is not a revealing to mind of divine direction hitherto unknown; it is, rather, an impelling of our wills to pursue and practice and hold fast that sanctity whose terms we know already. Packer No preview available – Packer gives an impassioned analysis of the work of the Holy Spirit, evaluated against the Scripture, and without taking a side in the polemical debate between the charismatic vs.

Keep in Step with the Spirit: Finding Fullness in Our Walk with God

And the empowering is always the work of the Holy Spirit, even when Christ only is named as its source, for Christ is the Spirit giver John 1: This is what “speaking the truth in love” looks like, it would seem to me. Jun 12, Catie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jim Packer give a soundly h.i.packer view of the movement ekep actually is more interested in discussing the vital role of the Holy Spirit in I love all Dr Jim Packer’s writing anyway but this book is so very characteristic of him.


Deep reading, so you have to take it slowly and think on what you are reading to let it sink in. Good overview of the charismatic movement from a balanced author who don’t take position on many issues at the cessationism, tongues That is in fact the fittest language for the purpose, since the love of man and woman really is the closest analogy in creation to the relationship with himself that the heavenly Lover intended for us. Quotes from Stfp in Step with Support Discipleship Come partner with j.i.packerr in the call to develop disciples for Christ!

Keep in Step with the Spirit: Finding Fullness in Our Walk with God – J. I. Packer – Google Books

There is a lot of material packed into the book. But as a big beast, it also provides plenty of good meat to chew on. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Didn’t venture into the following chapters because witg deal with the charismatic debate and that is not why I ventured into this book.

The first is th the Spirit works through means – through the objective dtep of grace, namely, biblical truth, prayer, fellowship, worship, and j.i.packe Lord’s Supper, and with them through the subjective means of grace whereby we open ourselves to change, namely thinking, listening, questioning oneself, examining oneself, admonishing oneself, sharing what is in one’s heart with others, an weighing any response they make.


I WILL reread it one day. Jul 12, Wassenario rated it liked it. What we are being told is that supernatural living through supernatural empowering is at the very heart of New Testament Christianity, so that those who, while professing faith, do not experience and show forth this empowering are suspect by New Testament standards.

Describing himself in the edition preface as a ‘pietistic theologian and a theological pietist’ sums up his approach.

A Preface to the Preface It is an excellent book from a depth perspective. Fourth, you thank God for help given, ask pardon for your own failures en route, and request more help for the next task.

The book frustrated and deepened the way I view the Spirit and his role in the Trinity. And I think a charismatic could read this and not be offended, at worst I think they would read it and agree to disagree with Packer.

If you want to understand and experience more of life in the Spirit, you will cherish this latest offering from one of Christianity’s most respected scholars. Quite possibly the best popular-level book on biblical sanctification I have ever read.

Keep in Step with the Spirit: Finding Fullness in Our Walk with God by J.I. Packer

It’s probably one of the most balanced, and Scripturally faithful, treatments of the person and work of the Holy Spirit in print. Observe these key texts, if you doubt me. Jun 29, Yoon-ho rated it it was amazing. Packer’s emphasis wjth holiness in the Christian life is a welcome reminder.